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    What wattage are the panels putting out?

    My new battery will be here next week, atm I'm using 2 12volt lead acids (nothing special). Today I finally put a real load on it and this is what the solar charge controller is putting out, which I assume might be about max. Its four 410 watt bifacials with open circuit voltage of 49 vdc...
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    mpp lv6048 and watchpower issues

    Finally got my solar up and trying to connect to the lv6048 and watch power doesn't seem to connect. I'm using the rj to usb connector, it shows up on the laptop as com3 with no warnings. I logged into watchpower as Admin. Am I missing something?
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    What voltage/amp should I use on these panels

    I can either do 4 panels at 100 Volts / 20 Amps with a expected 87 volts, or I can do 3 panels at 150 Volts/10 amps with 143 volts coming out the end... Also this is "open circuit" voltage. Should I be basing this off VMP instead? If so then the voltage drop might be more with the lower VDC...
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    Other forums I've been a part of have stickies! Post that someone writes that covers a lot of ground on a certain topic that is considered the "bible" on that topic, and those post are always at the top of the areas you can click on. As far as I've seen, that doesn't happen here. One...
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    Leaf bms/battery

    Ok, I'm diving deeper in solar and I just bought a 2011 leaf for $700 that has about 30 miles of range... I'm going to make some assumptions from what I've read/watched so far, please correct me if I'm wrong. From what I've saw so far the Leaf BMS monitors the "cells" voltage but not its...
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    Another Cabin build

    I have a cabin that will be well insulated and small. So far I've bought a 6,000 Watt inverter and now I'm looking at this 10kw battery...