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    Inverter In RV Not Grounded?

    Again, I’m a real beginner. I just spent another 4 hours over two days reading info on this forum, and now I am even more confused. Yes, I read "Mobile Grounding Made Simpler . . . and several other threads about RV/mobile inverter grounding, one with a lot of technical debate was waaaaay over...
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    Different Type Batteries Connection Risks?

    I just spent nearly two hours reading related posts here. I am a limited knowledge beginner. I have learned a lot from this forum. But, I still don't understand one nagging issue in my mind. A quick recap: - Early this year I had four (cheap) Chinese 150Ah LiFePo4 batteries fail, i.e. would not...
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    Update. Replacement BMS? What's next?

    Good evening, About a month ago, I posted: Why Has My 6-Month Old "Once Perfect" Solar system Failed? It became a long thread over several weeks. I learned a great deal and I will be forever grateful for everyone who helped this struggling beginner. At that time, the consensus was that it...
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    Can I use different Ah batteries in a bank?

    I sought an answer a couple of days ago at the end of a long thread about my solar system (batteries/BMS) failure. Can I use one new 12V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery with my existing (3) 150Ah batteries . . . if I can repair those 3 batteries with new BMS units (wishful thinking)? A "no" pretty much...
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    Battery: 13.37 volts on multimeter; 10.4 volts on Controller remote meter?

    Will someone please explain to me how the heck a lithium battery can test 13.37 volts with a multimeter . . . and then 2 minutes later when connected to my system and my EPEVER Tracer 4215BN cause a low battery alarm and read 10.4 volts? (1) For four straight days, I charged my 12-volt 150Ah...
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    Why Has My 6-Month-Old "Once Perfect" Solar System Failed?

    HELP, please! I am a newbie. And, I am near to conceding defeat. My 6-month-old DIY solar system in my RV has failed. It worked perfectly for 4 months. On heavy 120-volt appliance use days, I would consume 10% to 15% of the total battery amp hours. Then, even on cloudy days, the system would...