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  1. LVLAaron

    Sunfun kits 260 or SOK 206

    I was going to get an SOK 206ah battery for a camper... But then I came across sunfun kits, and for about the same price, I can build a 260ah battery (I have a spare JBD bms in the shop) I'd kind of prefer the larger cells, and to put my BMS to good use... and have bluetooth monitoring... I...
  2. LVLAaron

    New Renogy 12v 100ah w/ bluetooth - $499 Who's got one?
  3. LVLAaron

    12v mini air conditioner?

    Saw this thread: And found the host to the an interesting guy, and went down the rabbit hole on his channel. Aside from now wanting to live on a boat like Captain Ron, I saw his air conditioning video. () As I was...
  4. LVLAaron

    Wire sizing for inverter in small camper

    I DIY'd a 400AH 12v LifePo4 to go into "Stubby Bob". I'll keep the battery in the rear, and need to run cables to the front where the main wiring hookups are. The unit has a 1000 watt inverter onboard. All of the factory battery wiring is 2GA to the inverter. I don't plan on ever running...
  5. LVLAaron

    Where to buy 2/0 wire?

    Need to run a pair of wires from the front to back of my camper (20 feet) Where is the best source to buy 2/0 wire?
  6. LVLAaron

    Victron DC-DC charger, and feedback before purchase?

    I just got a little camper and plan on upgrading to LifePo4. I would still like it to charge, even if it's a little bit from the 7-pin trailer harness. Anyone use one of these Victron DC-DC chargers?
  7. LVLAaron

    MPPT vs PWM for single 190w panel?

    Just got my first camper. It has a 190watt 24v panel and a clumsy Go Power control panel that leaves a lot to be desired. I have a Victron 75/15 w/ BT in my shop that not being used. Would I benefit swapping in the Victron?
  8. LVLAaron

    I have a dumb question about panel output...

    I have two 50 watt Rengogy mono panels + Victron 75/15 MPPT controller. A year or two ago, I wired the panels up in series, stuck them in the sun and was collecting 95-97 watts. I put the panels away for a while.. I moved, built a new shop, life, etc. I have them out on a clear and sunny day...
  9. LVLAaron

    Error in overkill solar manual?

    The section for "Battery under voltage" should be cell count x cell UNDER-voltage trigger and UNDER-voltage release... right?
  10. LVLAaron

    Fuses and disconnect switches for 12v packs?

    Working on my 400ah 12v pack. Will be using a JBD 150amp BMS. What other protection devices should I have on the system? Fuse? Battery disconnect? What's best practice?
  11. LVLAaron

    Connecting cells

    I have 16x 100AH packs. Connected in 4P4S config - So I'll need to connect the P strings. I was planning on using 4GA welding wire. For this short run (less than a foot) will I have any issues? The math checks out but I am curious if the hive mind that is much smarter than me has any advice to...
  12. LVLAaron

    Question about charging through a BMS

    I'm working on my first "real" battery pack. 400ah 12v pack. All of my experience is with small 5-25ah packs that I have always used a hobby charger to re-charge as they see limited use for a very specific task. The pack is together after being top balanced. I've got a small Daly bms...
  13. LVLAaron

    Daly BMS question about use / setup (came with no instructions)

    I got a little Daly 60A "R05J-GF12" ( I got the USB and Bluetooth dongle options. It's fully programmable (With the PC software) but it came with no instructions other than some hand drawn photocopy...
  14. LVLAaron

    Recommendations for good 10ga flexible wire?

    Looking for some quality 10ga wire (red/black) flexible stranded wire to use for connecting packs and chargers and such. Anyone have a quality item on Amazon they trust?
  15. LVLAaron

    Top Balancing woes.

    I've got 16x 100ah cells. Initially tried to parallel all of them and get them up to 3.6. I only had a dinky 5amp CCCV gadget and at 3.3v it was pushing ~2 amps. I imagine it would have taken a year to top balance at that rate. It ran for 48 hours and the voltage didn't move at all. So I broke...
  16. LVLAaron

    Low amp top balance on large pack - am I doing any damage?

    I got 16x 100ah cells from Battery Hookup. I've got all 16 in parallel on a bus bar. I only have a 10amp CCCV power supply to top balance them up to 3.6. Am I doing any damage by charging them this slowly above their nominal voltage? It might take a week or more at this point. I'm new to...