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  1. Terrapin

    could this devise deliver LiPo4 stored energy safely to a FLA on a camper Both "12V"

    Here's a link... other suggestions on what to buy to acomplish the same would be greatly appreciated as well.
  2. Terrapin

    It's about a month old but this YT vid is about Iron air batteries....

    .... they sound too heavy for portable use in vehicles or mobil applications but holy cow chack out the energy density potential!
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    Will this device allow me to charge a 12 FLA from my 12V LFPO? (Time sensitive if anyone has a min. it would help tons)

    The link to the v1deo showing it is below. If there is a recommendation that could be a substitute of better quality at maybe 60 buck I'd probably go that route Just for the sake of a protective cased unit for travel. The purpose is to use a solar generators 280AH batteries to top off a...
  4. Terrapin

    Let Will Know these cells from his website are no longer available for shipping to the US. plz.
  5. Terrapin

    Need recommendations for proven Battery protectors, 12V adjustable low voltage shut offs.

    I was just about to pull the trigger on a Victron Smart Battery Protect 220A. I figured I'd jump on and see what others here thought about other options. Thx
  6. Terrapin

    Isolated VS non-isolated dc to dc chargers, what's the difference/use of each?

    Not much to add as far the question in the topic. It's pretty much the last stage of the trailer set up. I plan to use the unit to charge a 100ah trailer battery from a 280 AH solar generator. And potentially use the truck charging system to charge the solar generator if needed. Shopping led...
  7. Terrapin

    Using a 280ah battery to charge a 100ah... what devise is needed?

    I have built two batteries. One 280ah for mobile storage that can be used in the house or as additional storage for camping. And the second that will be used as a drop in replacement for the campers FLA I went with the more jar resistant fortune cells for this application. Space limitations are...
  8. Terrapin

    Are multi-stage charging profiles a real thing?.....

    .... I certainly believed so. But I just came across a debate on an RV forum. I cut and pasted the last post below. The responce is outlandish to me...though he claims a history in the field. I am wondering if the guy is just living in the past, prior to computerized sensing and adjusting...
  9. Terrapin

    Typical Bulk charge Amperage for a single 12v group29DC FLA Deep cycle battery.

    My LFP conversions are goign to be gradual. I still have 2 Wallyworld Everstart Maxx29DC batteries that have been treated well and will be used in some capacity till they are toast. They are listed as 880 CCA and 105Ah if that matters. But now I have an Aims 75A (max) charger that has a FLA...
  10. Terrapin

    Would you trust or somehow test this eBay Daly BMS?

    I bought his for a second battery build from Ebay. It is for a battery for a trolling motor on a boat and I selected it based on the water proof/resistant comments VS what else I could find. I noticed just now it didn't say LiFePO4 like some others, but they may be the smart ones, this is not...
  11. Terrapin

    Anyone have experience with heat shrink tube to wrap prismatic cells? I am getting wrinkles :-(

    I picked up about ten feet of tube from Battery Hookup to wrap my Lishen cells before finalizing the 4S build using double sided tape and worm drive hose/ac duct clamp. I need this to fit in a std. battery box so a rod compression was not an option. The extra layer of protection seemed like a...
  12. Terrapin

    UL-458. What's the worst that could happen?

    OK, so people have been trying to help me out with an inverter to tie into an existing camper's AC system. I have read quite a bit of technical info, and I do honestly believe there is some reason why you shouldn't just plug your shore power into your inverter. But I just haven't wrapped my...
  13. Terrapin

    A little math help please.

    I did find a few posts on how to calculate the amperage draw off a 12 bank to run inverted 110-120v loads but I am math challenged, dyscalculia to be honest. It makes some of this just very difficult. And when it comes to fuses, well pride be damned. I am just going to ask for the help. Can...
  14. Terrapin

    A tale of Aims 75A charger woe. NEVER deal with ARYACO on Amazon !

    This is a warning and a vent combined. I ordered one of the Aims 75A chargers from this Amazon seller. On trying to use it after the very first test of my LFP 280ah build it would not turn on. All directions were followed to the letter as far as the order of connections and supplying power...
  15. Terrapin

    Check out the really cool outlet plug on this inverter!

    I've never seen a single receptacle that could take a standard 15A or a 30A style plug. Are these available on any new inverters that you know of? The idea is awesome for an inverter over 1600W that's going to be a plug in connection to shore power cords. It is used on Ebay and looks pretty...
  16. Terrapin

    Testing the first 12v 280ah... Over kill 4S 120A BMS "Pairing rejected by xiaoxiang BMI" Msg on Galaxy S7?

    Can anyone offer any suggestions on this connectivity issue? The BNS module free and clear in open air. I have tried distances from 1 to 15 feet. I have tried unplugging the module for a few min to reset it then tried those distances again. I am admittedly no the greatest with mobile tech...
  17. Terrapin

    Why does overkill solder leads onto the center position between the 3 power leads on the 4S-120A? Can I cut them off?

    I was looking at my BMS and the printed circuit seems to have no connection to anywhere. It makes me very glad I went with the 8Gauge upgrade but you can even see in this Vid at time stamp 5:27 that Will just ignored the hole through the board between the wires he soldered on. It is surrounded...
  18. Terrapin

    This pure sine 2K/4K surge 12v Aeliussin brand inverter caught my eye...

    I have been seeing info that the full 2000w ratings of some inverters is not available through only one of the ac plug outlets. I don't know if that is the reason for some reports of GoWise not meeting the rating. But This has only one AC plug outlet. SO I am wondering if it may help and is...
  19. Terrapin

    Balance lead wire size on oferkill's 12v 4S 120A ?

    Anyone know that actual AWG size? TY
  20. Terrapin

    Has the link for premade cables on Will's page been changed?

    I had been planning on getting what I thought from memory were 1' 2/0AWG premade cables from his link to parallel my two 12v LFP builds going to a 2200w inverter. That link is now for 2awg to parallel or series batteries. 2 gauge seems pretty light for use as battery "busses"?
  21. Terrapin

    Huge hold on the Xfer switch wiring to isolate the camper converter from being charged by the LP/inverter upgrade. What about all the 12v lighting?

    Pumping the brakes HARD.... So I just had a shit show thought. My 12V converter that I want to keep from charging the battery of the inverter loop also runs 100% of the trailer lighting. Won't taking the converter off line to avoid that loop also cost me 100% capability of the Campers...
  22. Terrapin

    Will the popular Go Power! TS-30 transfer switche prevent the inverter charging the source battery loop in after market RV upgrades?

    I am adding my 280ah lithium build upgrading to a LFP converter and a new inverter to an older TT that does not have inverter capabilities. The 12v system now only powers lights, radio, and a few 12/usb outlets. These loads work under either/or converted 120v shore power or battery. It's my...
  23. Terrapin

    Compressing cells in your battery builds is questioned in this video.

    I still will clamp my small terminal batteries I am building for on the road or water to protect them from moving in relation to each other. But i will be very light handed as far as deliberate compression given the variables and unknown factors discussed in this video that was based on a...
  24. Terrapin

    Laser welding of undrilled cells.

    Just came across this and thought it may be helpful. The tech is getting smaller and available...
  25. Terrapin

    Help plz. This short, pasted excerpt from the Anderson Connector data sheet confuses me.

    The except is italicized. Why is there two different amp ratings in the bullet points below? .o_O I am trying to figure out what the smallest connectors that will carry 12v DC 120A will be. This I just can't decipher on my own .. Based off the design pioneered by Anderson in 1953, APP®’s two...
  26. Terrapin

    We have all been doing this sooo wrong! (AKA quackery)

    LMAO check this out..
  27. Terrapin

    Will a high 12V 100A constant power supply EVER charge a battery above 12V?

    For that matter...will any power supply ever charge any battery beyond it's own voltage output? From the analogy of volts to water pressure. It seems not. But I have this need to not assume.
  28. Terrapin

    Could this be a $60 70A bulk charger for a LFP 280 battery?

    I am looking for a very inexpensive way to bring a 12v 280ah battery from its BMS programmed low of 25% DOD to it's top 75%DOD. The battery BMS is set for long life and far from the safe extremes. Will this do that? The purpose is to, in a camper, have a "last line of defense" quick charge...
  29. Terrapin

    Adding more LiFePO$ batteries to one running an 12v inverter?

    1. Can an additional 280ah battery be added to an existing 280ah w/ a 120A BMS battery at a later date +/- 4-6 months from the original being placed in occasional service? 2. Will adding the second battery change the amps available to the inverter? 3. Would the BMSs need to be of the same...
  30. Terrapin

    Halo battery monitor?

    I hope I remembered the name correctly. They are used in place of a shunt monitor. In a few videos on YT, that I can't find again, Will and others use a battery monitor that works like a clamp on Ohm meter with a coil around one of the batteries leads. It recorded time and Ah, and showed V...
  31. Terrapin

    Overkill 120a "continious" BMS on 280ah 4S cells?

    OK, I admittedly did not take inverter efficency in mind so this is getting really really close... This entire build is a removable generator style setup going in a pelican or rolling hard suitcase and the standard shore plug will be the trailer interface. Cells: 4S Eve 280ah BMS: Overkill...
  32. Terrapin

    If I don't want to fully charge (to 14.6 to extend battery life)

    What happens to excess power when a overkill BMS's max charge is set to 14.5v and the power supply is from these sources: (For the sake of this question lets assume all the sources shut down at 14.6v) 1. A Progressive Dynamics 45a multi stage trailer converter set to the lithium with the...
  33. Terrapin

    A cheep repurposed wire thought to substitute bus bars for a battery in a flat pelican case where cells can't be clamped together.

    Just tossing this out there for feed back. I am doing my 4S 280ah Eve build in a case that will not allow a side to side banded cell configuration. This is for a Trailer I may end up living in full time if covid hits me any harder. I have pretty much hit the end of the road on components. I am...
  34. Terrapin

    Power supply and an mppt VS a dedicated ac lithium battery charger?

    Flat out question since it seems to me I will be needing to buy a variable power source to balance my cells B4 my build. (thanks to all for the responses on the US high quality sources to avoid this, but I can't afford what I'd hoped in buying pre-matched cells here in the us). Instead, 280ah...