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    Safe and quick method to lower voltage on LifePO4 cells when balancing.

    While balancing or just in general use, I sometimes want to lower the voltage on a particular cell in my battery bank quickly and safely. After trying numerous methods, I found this approach to be quick and easy and it does not require any special equipment or tools. I used the household...
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    Whats the difference between MPP inverters ECO mode and Bypass mode?

    According to the manual, Eco and Bypass modes are identical. Any idea what the differences are? I have 2 x MPP LV—MK 3048 systems in a split phase config. Manual is here
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    DIY spot welder - easy project - make your own battery packs

    I just completed mine based on a similar system by a guy in the UK. Works great. Handles .15mm zinc no problem. I used this for the pen and switch ($22) This for a secondary switch that I prefer. ($7) This relay ($13) A small old 300a AGM battery from my...
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    New Chargery BMS16P review (just released Dec-2020)

    Jason at Chargery just shipped me one of the new 16P BMS units. The big changes are: 1amp Balancing (now the control unit is black (slightly larger) and has a fan inside Screen showing Internal resistance of the cells Balancing action is shown on the main screen using a yellow bar icon. More...
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    Monitoring MPP/Clone systems with freeware Pi/Grafana

    I’ve been using Pi Zero micro computers to monitor all kinds of equipment over the years as they are low cost and incredibly flexible. Here is what I have just added to monitor my MPP 3048 pair 240v split phase system with BYD LifePO4 cells. Let me know if you are interested. Its all freeware...
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    BYD packs — one year on — survey

    HI, Im calling out to anyone that purchased the original 24v BYD packs. I bought 4 early this year (2020) and they seem to be holding up ok. They are definitely not the bargain they were when they first came out, as I can now buy way more new IifePo4 storage in 280ah cells from China, including...
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    Cell label - -how do I read it?

    Any idea how I read this label on my new 280ah cells? Is it a standard QR code? Its too small to read with my phone. All I can get is the time and date, is there any more info?
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    MPP 3048 LV MK - split phase - first review - 2020 version

    Hi, Just received my new MPP 3048 LV MK combo pair from MPP Taiwan. I bought them on Ebay They took a few weeks to arrive...
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    MPP 3048 advice

    Does anyone have any experience with these newer MPP units? Are they much different from the older 2024 and 5048 Chargers? Joe.
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    Howto: automatically start backup generator to recharge solar battery.

    I live off-grid. I wanted to have a gas/propane generator backup for my battery/solar bank for when there is bad weather or I have some other problems with my electrical supply. It needed to be a powerful generator that I could use to quickly recharge my LifePO4 bank in under a few hours and...
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    Wanted: high wattage 240v AC to 24v DC charger for my powerwall

    Hey, has anyone found a good solution for quickly charging a 20kw powerwall from the grid or more likely a 240v split phase generator? I want to recharge my IifeP04 powerwall in as little time as possible, hopefully around 2 hours. My generator can put out 9kw. I've found a few MeanWell 1Kw DC...
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    AC and DC digital meters with ModBus interface - works with Pi Zeros

    I found this DC tool after using their AC version from a Chinese electronics company, works great. Allows you to save data from your battery/solar system to a database and graph it, set alerts, remote monitoring etc. Its well made and comes with everything you need to plug into your Pi or PC...
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    SunGoldPower 24v 6000W 240v split phase inverter charger

    I just received this for my offgrid home project 24V 6000W inverter charger - $1099 + tax. Very heavy and well built. Initially looked very good, then some problems arose. Just turning on the unit and having it idle...
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    Off-grid Solar / Battery monitoring and control freeware

    Im building a freeware realtime software/hardware monitoring solution that provides intimate details and decision making information about a solar system. I intend to be fully off grid in the near future and want to be self sufficient for power. My goal is complete control over every aspect of...
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    Epever 40a & 24v BYD LifePo4 settings

    Does anyone have a good set of values to use with my Epever 40a Triron and a 24v 3.5kw BYD LifePo4 battery? There is about 20 settings in the”User” battery section. Some obvious, some not. There are many connect/disconnect/reconnect values which see to overlap. Thanks ... Joe.
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    Wanted: 110v LifePo4 charger

    Does anyone know where I can buy a 110/120v charger for my 24v battery bank? 1000W or bigger would be good.
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    Using 1 solar array with 2 charge controllers

    I have two 4kw battery banks, 1 AGM and 1 LifePo4 that need 2 different charging characteristics. I currently have an existing 2kw solar array 4s4p at 80v to an Epever 40amp controller that is charging my AGM batteries no problem. I want to try to connect my new LifePo4 bank to the same solar...