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  1. Keith_PDX

    Automatic Transfer Switch - Need clarification and assistance. ATS confusion overload! :)

    Hello Everyone, I have been doing solar/lithium in vans for quite some time and am finally to a point where I am ready to dive into setting my house up to be self-sustaining. Here is my plan, in phases. I have been using an Emporia to monitor my energy usage. Luckily I am in the NW and have...
  2. Keith_PDX

    Anyone know anything about this Qucc Relay Smart BMS?

    I haven't seen this external relay version before nor can find any reviews or usage. Anyone seen this in use?
  3. Keith_PDX

    2P4S or 4S2P and why?

    I am going to convert my van to lifepo4. I have 8 150ah cells that I am going to build a 12v pack from. I'm staying 12v as I already have 400w of solar and 12v Magnum inverter. I've done quite a bit of research and some opinions vary quite a bit. With that said, what is the consensus with this...