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  1. LithiumGuy

    Overhead Cabling

    I'm located in California and need recommendations on electrical wiring to run an overhead/aerial cable. I need to connect a solar array to the house mains which is on an adjacent and separate building. The overhead/aerial will be over 10ft high above ground and be across ~11ft gap. There...
  2. LithiumGuy

    California NEM Contract Status After House Sold

    Can anyone confirm or have experience with a house that is sold in California that is actively on solar NEM 2.0 that the new home owners get to keep the NEM 2.0 contract going on the house? This would also apply to grandfathered NEM 1.0 if those are still around. This is in anticipation of the...
  3. LithiumGuy

    NEM 2.0 - Zero Dollar Electric Bill Possible?

    If a residential home in California is on a NEM 2.0 contract, is it possible to have a $0 electric bill or near-zero electric bill? Further, not just $0 but what about money back? The thing that makes it hard to get $0 is the NBC (Non-Bypassable Charges) but installing a sufficiently large...