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    Epever Tracer BP series

    Searched both this forum and the net and coming up with little on the Tracer bp series. It's a bit cheaper than the equivalent an series and waterproof, both a bonus at the location this charge controller will be installed.
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    Using Roofing Tin as EMP shield

    Maybe EMP shielding is a good idea, maybe not so much, but if it can be done in a affordable fashion, why not? I see people 'styling' the inside of their homes with the old fashion corrugated type roofing tin. If I were to build a shop, for the sole purpose of housing all the PV equipment...
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    Newbe starting small

    Been interested in DIY solar for some time but finally starting to enter the fray ... or at least trying to learn a bit before getting in over my head. IMO, when you do it yourself you can take more pride in the results than if you just plunked down the $cash. I've been into diy speaker...