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  1. Pappion

    overkill solar bluetooth limited menu

    Just hooked up the overkill solar 4s 120A with bluetooth. Down loaded app from android play store. App missing setup page for battery capacity. DASHBOARD battery status display works. Battery menu is missing. App info: xiaoxiang:V3.1.1014
  2. Pappion

    I might give up on LiFePo4

    Having problems finding decent LiFePo4 for less than Battle Born. Having problems find reviews too. When Will gives a positive review the supply dries up. SOK 206AH x2 order was cancelled by amazon. I am even looking at DIY build, LiitoKala 3.2V 280Ah lifepo4, but can't find decent review. DIY...
  3. Pappion

    SOK battery discount code

    Has anyone seen one? Please post it or message me. I'm ready to buy and checkout has a Discount Code option.