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  1. JIMMY

    Common Daly BMS problems?

    Does anyone know the trick to resetting the AH Capacity in some DALY BMS? Half of mine work fine. Some are fine to 50ah then if you set it higher revert to 33.5ah and other odd figures...
  2. JIMMY

    Daly Smart BMS SOC not show

    Have you tried charging it up to full and setting the SOC to 100%?
  3. JIMMY

    Cerbo gx relay wiring

    If your using a two wire start system the generator starts when the two wires are shorted together. As such you want to use the Common and NO ports on Relay 1. (The generator controls only work on relay 1 on the Cerbo) NO is the normally open relay contact. As in the circuit is broken until...
  4. JIMMY

    Cerbo gx relay wiring

    Mine runs to a digital controller on the generator so it's only a tiny current. Mine is ~5m run but I would not expect any issues with a 15m or even a 50m run. Jimmy
  5. JIMMY

    Cerbo gx relay wiring

    Hi Fraser, I have one running the auto start on my property off grid backup generator. You need to have a 'two wire' auto start system on your generator to use the Cerbo GX generator relay. Its just a NO relay that closes on command and shorts the wires. The Cerbo GX comes with some press in...
  6. JIMMY

    Vraagje over Gegevens e Box BLE

    Champion! Thanks
  7. JIMMY

    Epever eBox-01 Bluetooth issues

    I gave up using this after my last post in 2019. I went to load it up and now it won't even connect anymore. Maybe the app is out of date?
  8. JIMMY

    Daly BMS Intermittent Failure

    I binned it in the end. I suspect it had a faulty / loose connection internally. If yours is firing back up by itself it's likely hitting, or thinks it's hitting one of the safety cut offs. Jimmy
  9. JIMMY

    Test Sample Chinese Lifepo4's arrived

    Their response was that the manufacturer just does that with the codes. 😂 That being said those cells have been cycled hard for a year now and I have learnt alot about Lifepo4 so all in all not a bad outcome. Jimmy
  10. JIMMY

    Circuit Breaker / Fuse on larger battery banks

    Hi All, What is everyone using on their larger battery banks? I am building some 15kwh 48v packs for my off grid system with 150a BMS so looking for a 200a fuse / breaker on each bank. There is NH1 style Fuse Disconnects on the current LA battery setup. Are these still the best way or...
  11. JIMMY

    Has anyone used this BMS?

    Thanks DZL
  12. JIMMY

    Has anyone used this BMS?

    With all due respect, I am interested in the experience of someone who has used one. FYI Overkill Solar BMS are rebranded JBD BMS which are some of the cheapest on the market. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking Overkill (I have never dealt with them) or JBD BMS (I run a number of them and...
  13. JIMMY

    Has anyone used this BMS? The specifications look very good. 200a continuous discharge 350a peak discharge 2a active balance Adjustable via Android App Has anyone used one? Jimmy
  14. JIMMY

    Australian Battery Shop

    He sells new Eve and Sinopoly and a bunch of other brands of second hand cells.
  15. JIMMY

    Australian Battery Shop

    Which metal box did you buy? Jimmy
  16. JIMMY

    Australian Battery Shop

    I don't work there. The OP contained a link to the website with the contact details... Jimmy
  17. JIMMY

    I caved, just ordered a Batrium for my BMS

    Any updates here? I am looking to pull the trigger on Batrium too. Quality BMS is worth the $ in my opinion. I have a Cerbo GX on order too. Can they talk to each other? Jimmy
  18. JIMMY

    which BMS is better, Daly or JBD?

    I have played with both and the JBD with the Bluetooth is a more functional unit. While others have had a good experience with DALY I have had intermittent failures with two of them. The JBD have been faultless so far. Jimmy
  19. JIMMY

    Best BMS for 16s setup, worry free (low temp not a big deal)

    The Overkill BMS are JBD BMS see attached photo. Wouldn't you just go a native 16s over mucking around with two 8s??
  20. JIMMY

    Best BMS for 16s setup, worry free (low temp not a big deal)

    I am glad you asked Alkaline as I am looking at the same thing at the moment. I am building 3x 16s battery banks for my own use and plan to run them in parallel with separate BMS for maximum redundancy. I am considering: ANT, JBD, DALY and Chargery I have JBD and DALY here in use at the...
  21. JIMMY

    XD Battery

    Mate it's been a bloody mess. Their shipping agent delivered the goods to a randoms house in regional Victoria! It sat there for 4 weeks. The resident finally tracked down the supplier and told them about it and it finally made it back to me in Brisbane! They were pretty beat up. The 12v one is...
  22. JIMMY

    Can Anyone Identify These Cells?

    Hi, I am looking at these cells but cannot verify they are what I am being told they are. Can anyone interpret the numbers on these cells? Thanks in Advance! Jimmy
  23. JIMMY

    XD Battery

    They still haven't arrived! They are due tomorrow or Monday. Jimmy
  24. JIMMY

    XD Batteries, Archibold, SD Power from China

    I ordered some in mid Feb. It took them over 2 months to send them and then they sent them to a completely wrong address in Victoria. (I am in Queensland) Their shipping agent cant sort it out, so I am dealing with the resident at the wrong address, who has thankfully been very helpful. I wont...
  25. JIMMY

    Xuba Electronics: DEAL - 280AH LiFePo4 cells. Purchase & Review

    If anyone in Australia is interested in a group buy let me know. I am looking at 100+ for my own needs so shipping will be pretty cheap to add some extra on. Regards Jimmy
  26. JIMMY

    Recommendations for Quality BMS for 16s 45kwh Off Grid Build

    While the Covid-19 lockdown here in Queensland has delayed the PV install it gives me a bit more time to finalise the build specs on the rest of the system. I am fairly happy with the rest of the setup but am still deciding on the BMS I am going to use for the battery pack. It needs: - 16s -...
  27. JIMMY

    Battery Monitor Cheap

    Link died a while ago sorry. Sold out
  28. JIMMY

    Battery Monitor Cheap This looks like the one Will tested which I use for the last 3 months now. Not 100% though. But at $23 AUD hard to go past. Jimmy.
  29. JIMMY

    XD Battery

    I have ordered some samples to test so I will know in a few weeks.
  30. JIMMY

    Various All in One Solutions - Feedback wanted

    Hi All, There are a number of solutions on the market now in this space. These units are of interest to me for larger systems that can really benefit from the higher PV input voltages as far as reduced wiring over distance goes. If you have any others worth considering please add them. Has...
  31. JIMMY

    Xuba Electronics: DEAL - 280AH LiFePo4 cells. Purchase & Review

    Yes. Sea. Port of Brisbane. I have to arrange clearance my end.
  32. JIMMY

    Xuba Electronics: DEAL - 280AH LiFePo4 cells. Purchase & Review

    I have been quoted $299 for 50pc to Brisbane. Seems reasonable to me for 275kg. There is clearance to pay this end too though. Jimmy
  33. JIMMY

    How does "parallel" work for MPP all on one units?

    For those of us yet to play with these things what is the go?
  34. JIMMY

    Just Place new Order on Alibaba- 280AH x 8 for 1260.00 USD Delivered, Grade A to Canada

    They had: Marked terminals Barcode/Serial # scratched off 1 cell was mismatched ~10% Otherwise good cells and great value. They were easy to deal with and sent them superfast in good packaging. But misrepresenting a product like that is a showstopper for me. Jimmy