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  1. circus

    My 2nd solar furnace just finished with video.

    Larger surface area doesn't collect more heat, it's transfers more heat to the air. Runs cooler so less conductive and radiant loss, boosts output.
  2. circus

    My 2nd solar furnace just finished with video.

    I suppose if all the doors and windows were left open for two day the bottles would freeze and I'd have a hell of a time reheating but that would be the least of my problems. Burst water pipes. The water bottles are in the living space buffering the temp swings. Days are 80 instead of 95...
  3. circus

    My 2nd solar furnace just finished with video.

    Roof overhang, an awning and deciduous trees keep them shaded. The glancing sun angle also produces little heat. The first year I did seal the plastic to the vents with magnetic strips but found it was not needed.
  4. circus

    My 2nd solar furnace just finished with video.

    My different take on solar hot air. No fans, thermal mass, high temperatures, ducting, electricity, nightly heat loss, monitoring. Only problem was the temperature swings, tired of only wearing underwear when -10° outside, solved with 1500 two liter water bottles (thermal mass) stacked against...
  5. circus

    Solar panel

    Yes but it would have to be a completely separate system sharing only the battery.
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    Solar panel

    There is no maximum that I know of, within reason. Too much solar would just be wasted.
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    The Big Misconception About Electricity

    But if not confined by the math and tools, strictly for engineering purposes, having ones mind blown is fun. Eric Dollard
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    Solar Porch Air Flow

    A valve made of a plastic shopping bag covering a screen would suffice. Automatically prevents cold drafts whenever the porch is cooler than the house. Day or night. The lower one is the most important. Close the window if you want.
  9. circus

    Solar Porch Air Flow

    No need for ducting, natural convection will take care of it. Do you plan any flap valving to stop reverse convection?
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    Have a question about passive solar heating placement

    For whoever is thinking about building a collector it's better to have lots of air flow. Cooler collectors radiate less. The 155° mentioned on the video was silly wasteful. A couple degrees above room temp is ideal.
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    Have a question about passive solar heating placement

    Not much heat. Poorly. It sucks. Badly. Inadequate. Lousy. Unzulänglich. Awful. Dismal. Abysmal. Terrible.
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    Have a question about passive solar heating placement

    Not much heat, but in Wisconsin the humid air comes from the south, Gulf, and isn't very cold. Bitter cold comes from the north, Canada, and is dry. Heaters works the best when needed the most.
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    Have a question about passive solar heating placement

    Been using passive solar for years
  14. circus

    The Big Misconception About Electricity

    Wouldn't be the first time humans exploit "it" without understanding what "it" is. Until then, clumsy nonsensical models is the norm. Makes you wonder what other phenomena is out there that we're oblivious to.
  15. circus

    Battery Prices Rising - Should I buy now?

    Buy now or later? Will the price go down from expiring patents and shipping problems solved or go up from printing press inflation? My guess is both. Save your money and keep your options open.
  16. circus

    Wire gauge for DC

    THHN is the type of plastic covering the awg (size) wire.
  17. circus

    How much lift?

    Building a roof mounted fairing is difficult so I simply screwed an air dam to the bottom of the leading edge of the panel out of roof fascia aluminum I had laying around. It reduced the gap between the panel and roof from 3" to about half an inch. To my surprise, made it quieter too.
  18. circus

    Electric water heater: Any insight/experience?

    I know my coffee maker works and it could be a water heater. In a pinch, I could pour it's content into a basin with cold water for what ever reason. Not as nice as on tap but, for 20 bucks, worth a try.
  19. circus

    Do I really need a DC-DC or can I go with a high power alternator?

    No, it alters the field of the alternator. More factors considered when alternator voltage regulating. A charging lead battery quickly builds resistance, raising the voltage making a normal regulator's job easy. Lifepo builds resistance slowly so something other than just voltage is needed to...
  20. circus

    Korea Herald claims LFP is more expensive longterm than Lithium-Ion

    No mention of the better recycling tactic LifePo4 of not needing to recycle.
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    Do I really need a DC-DC or can I go with a high power alternator?

    There are temperature monitors that limit alternator output via voltage regulator. Cheaper?
  22. circus

    110v removable charge cable

    Shop for a 120v male outlet.
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    11,11 It's Singles day (China's black friday)

    Just wondering if anyone's taking advantage of today's sale. Here's a video about shopping Singles day. Slanted toward electric bike stuff but still valid to our interest. Shopping Singles day
  24. circus

    Toyota Sienna hybrid electrical system

    There's no alternator, the 12v battery is charged from the high voltage traction batteries using electronics. Without knowing the capacity of the electronics your risking a huge repair bill. I think that's why Toyota offered a 1500w inverter option. So people don't install one.
  25. circus

    No sunny days

    Better to consume grid power and just idle the batteries spending 10¢ a month floating on a battery maintainer. There's loss from the charger and battery, not to mention cycle deterioration.
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    RV Solar Suitcase - How Much Will MPPT Improve Output?

    Answers become dangerous when you change the question.....
  27. circus

    How do You Test Inverter Output with a Multi-meter?

    I tested my new inverter with my Kill-a-watt meter. Glade I did. Last I checked, 15 years ago, you could checkout a Kill-a-watt meter from the library.
  28. circus

    Looking For Some Guidance

    Me too but from a different perspective. Troubleshooting long dead appliances. There are no schematics, manuals only refers to board replacement. Being charged $450 for a $30 board! I won't buy an appliance with electronics ever again. They're dead in the garage while the 1960's appliances do...
  29. circus

    RV Solar Suitcase - How Much Will MPPT Improve Output?

    Wouldn't make any difference. Well, maybe a couple cents per month.
  30. circus

    burning out inverters

    I think your grouping all extension cords together and you shouldn't exaggerate the danger. No one will heed real dangers. I fear those 18 awg cords plugged in my 20 amp outlets too.
  31. circus

    burning out inverters

    I use a outlet strip with a built in breaker so any short would trip the breaker instead of frying the inverter. Learned the hard way.
  32. circus

    burning out inverters

    Did you try heavier feeding wire?
  33. circus

    1971 Austin Morris ea350 food truck help!

    You might be better off hanging the panels off the sides then prop them up when stationary. Vertically they'll still produce electricity, maybe more in the winter. Big drawer slides are more expensive than panels and aren't very secure. If flashed correctly the panels could keep the rain off...
  34. circus

    Heating My Shed/Office off Solar

    Been using passive solar air heaters for 13 years now. Motivated by greedy propane supplier in 08. $2000 for 400 gal. Solar cut my propane from 800 gal per year to 200. Works out pretty good in Wisconsin. Nov and Dec isn't very cold but overcast. Jan and Feb is bitter cold but sunny. Think of...
  35. circus

    10 gauge solar panel to charge controller tinned copper ok?

    I believe tinned wire is to prevent corrosion in a marine environment. Fine if you don't mind the added cost.