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  1. JIMMY

    Circuit Breaker / Fuse on larger battery banks

    Hi All, What is everyone using on their larger battery banks? I am building some 15kwh 48v packs for my off grid system with 150a BMS so looking for a 200a fuse / breaker on each bank. There is NH1 style Fuse Disconnects on the current LA battery setup. Are these still the best way or...
  2. JIMMY

    Has anyone used this BMS? The specifications look very good. 200a continuous discharge 350a peak discharge 2a active balance Adjustable via Android App Has anyone used one? Jimmy
  3. JIMMY

    Can Anyone Identify These Cells?

    Hi, I am looking at these cells but cannot verify they are what I am being told they are. Can anyone interpret the numbers on these cells? Thanks in Advance! Jimmy
  4. JIMMY

    Recommendations for Quality BMS for 16s 45kwh Off Grid Build

    While the Covid-19 lockdown here in Queensland has delayed the PV install it gives me a bit more time to finalise the build specs on the rest of the system. I am fairly happy with the rest of the setup but am still deciding on the BMS I am going to use for the battery pack. It needs: - 16s -...
  5. JIMMY

    Battery Monitor Cheap This looks like the one Will tested which I use for the last 3 months now. Not 100% though. But at $23 AUD hard to go past. Jimmy.
  6. JIMMY

    Various All in One Solutions - Feedback wanted

    Hi All, There are a number of solutions on the market now in this space. These units are of interest to me for larger systems that can really benefit from the higher PV input voltages as far as reduced wiring over distance goes. If you have any others worth considering please add them. Has...
  7. JIMMY

    Lifepo4 with -25c to 85c operating range?

    I ran into a local brand that is spruking a very wide temperature operating window. -25c to 85c. (-13f to 185f) They promote them for under bonnet use. Any theories on how they are making this work? Jimmy
  8. JIMMY

    Looking for recommendations for 48v SCC with 250v PV input?

    Other than the Victron units are there any other of good quality I should consider? TIA Jimmy
  9. JIMMY

    Battery Monitor that can handle multiple battery?

    Does anyone know of a battery monitor that can report on multiple batteries at once with Bluetooth or wifi etc for remote monitoring? Thanks in advance Jimmy
  10. JIMMY

    XD Battery

    Does anyone have any experience with this Lifepo4 manufacturer or their products? Jimmy
  11. JIMMY

    There is a local (to me) company doing some comprehensive accelerated capacity and performance testing here with a range of batteries. They cycle them 3x a day over a proposed 3 year period to simulate 9 years of real world, once a day, cycle use. They are adjusting temperatures to simulate...
  12. JIMMY

    Epever eBox-01 Bluetooth issues

    I recently got one of these to adjust the settings on my Epever Tracer A series. I had to manually give the app permissions via the androids settings before it would work. (It only connects to Bluetooth in the app not through the Bluetooth connection management screen of the device) Now it's...
  13. JIMMY

    Daly BMS Intermittent Failure

    The 60a Daly BMS on my testing rig keeps shutting down at seemingly random times for no apparent reason. It worked fine for 3 weeks now and then started playing up. If I disconnect the black and re earth it fire back up for a minute / hour / day before shutting down again. Voltage is mid...
  14. JIMMY

    Test Sample Chinese Lifepo4's arrived

    Before biting the bullet on a large bank of batteries I ordered a test sample of some 200ah cheapies air freight from China to try out and have a play with and really get my head around how LiFePo4 perform. They have the specs mostly scratched off. 2/4 are marked 3.22V - 663wh 1/4 all...
  15. JIMMY

    Backup Generator Charging LifePo4

    Hi all, I recently purchased an off grid property off an aging gentleman who can't get out there anymore. Some information is sparse. I plan to replace the aging 45kwh lead acid off grid solar battery bank to a 30-35kwh 16s LifePo4 battery bank, increase the solar (currently 4500w of panels)...