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  1. HKZBob

    Europe 230V 50Hz Solar System, need advise what is needed.

    Hello, I am located in Europe that why 230V 50Hz. Question what is the most common panel system voltage? From the panels shall I use a victron MPPT 100/20 for charging my battery bank. Is this the right way to go. And from the bank running an inverter to 230V. Or do I need a BMS in between...
  2. HKZBob

    Does the housing of Lifepo4 battery has a potential

    Hello FOLKS, Short question, does the housing of a Lifepo4 battery cell has a potential. The means und the blue plastic is the AL case. Is that isolated or does it has a potential. Who knows about this? Greeting Bob
  3. HKZBob

    Help Need a discharge protector cut off 50V

    Need a discharge protector cut off 50V-60V programable to operate a 12V contacter. I want to protect my batterie against Low Voltage discharge. I am not using a BMS. Using an IDST 8S charger for balanceing. My pack is 72V and I am using a 12V 250A contacter to switch the load. Now I want to...
  4. HKZBob

    WTB 20s 72V 18650 BMS for contacter usage

    Hello Folks, Girls and Men's looking for a BMS for a 20s Setup. 72V out of 18650. Current max continues is 2c of 2900mA I have 400 Lions 3.7V available. I have already the contacter gas filled and Mega fuses. So I thought to go entry dollar level. Seperate Port. 20s in series is 84V but the...
  5. HKZBob

    Electric Go Kart with Solar Roof 2Pannels

    Dear Forum, I want to convert a gasoline Race Kart to an Solar Green Kart. I have two panels a 100W. 20V on hand. One panel will be used as a rear spoiler and the 2nd one shading the driver. Here my question. I want to power the Kart with scooter battery packs. 48V. I like to run the...
  6. HKZBob

    Daly Smart 40A BMS Bluetooth App

    Hi Forum I have bought the Daly Smart 40A BMS. I have downloaded the APK but the translation to German it terrible. I assume the US APK Version is much better. How can I change the APK language or do I need an different apk. The Version I am using is V 1.7 Then the.adjudtment of SOC is not...
  7. HKZBob

    Bought the 100A Digital Multimeter Voltage Tolerance

    Hi I have bought this Current Voltage meter as well that Will uses as well. The voltage display is 0,3V off the battery voltage. Do you have made the same experience. It this unit displays internal voltage incl. internal voltage drop off powering the coil Used external supply. No difference...
  8. HKZBob

    Grade A cells, first charge a cell drifts 0,08V. Would you accept this ???

    Dear Forum, I have purchased 4 Lifepo4 cells 200Ah Grade A from N.... Official Store. When I opend the box the voltage level was Cell1: 3,271V Cell2: 3,274V Cell3: 3,271V Cell4: 3,273V Then I paraelled them and charged the up to 3,65V and rested them. Current dropped to Zero I did Top...
  9. HKZBob

    How would you build a 250Amp précharge circuit

    Hello Forum, I am building a 250A précharge due to the fact I am corona bored. The is nothing else to do. Here my project. It is a test board, sorry but not perfect. Using hot glue to makes things stick. To power my précharge circuit I am using a battery pack. Here my parts. For the delay...
  10. HKZBob

    QUCC BMS 250A. Who knows this BMS

    Dear Forum, I have seen this QUCC BMS. What I like about this is the heavy bus bars. The SMD design looks well arranged and the quality looks acceptable. The only downside is the low voltage cut off. 2.2V per cell. I am thinking of buying this unit Hope it is not a bummer. Good day Bob
  11. HKZBob

    Which way to go to power 2000W Inverter, pro & cons including cost

    Dear all, thank you for your advise in advance. US goes green again. Looks like solar gets a push. I using a 2000W Inverter in my RV who is used temporarly and most of the time is off by remote switch. I am struggleing want to start a DIY project to power my RV with 300W Solar on top. I...
  12. HKZBob

    2000W inverter on Higee Lifepo4

    Hello Forum, Questions to my RV system. I have an inverter 12V/DC 230V AC 2000W. Wabt to build a Higee 12V 120Ah pack from BLS. My budget is limited. Cell pack is 420$. Will you Lifepo4 Higee can work well. The spec sheet only listing 120A continues. My inverter can take up to 166A and with...