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  1. A.Justice

    I Did A Controlled Short On A 25ah Navitas Cell, Over 200a And Smoke!

    These cells will EASILY push over 20c during a short circuit. This was a single 3.2v cell, imagine a 12v-48v pack with paralleled cells. When the ROMEX got too hot, it melted the insulation inside of the sheathing, and caused an additional, "internal" short. All it takes is a few seconds to...
  2. A.Justice

    Any Recommendations For A Data-Logging Multimeter, With Clamp Ammeter, For Under $150

    I want to do a max discharge test, and need something that can measure current (via hall-effect) and voltage, and log the data vs. time. Preferably on PC, but if I can export from an Android app that's fine. My budget is around $150. Thanks for any help!
  3. A.Justice

    Shipment Has Left The Port, And Is Awaiting Pickup By Sea Merchant.

    What a sweet find!
  4. A.Justice

    I Made A Short Tutorial On How To Use the DL24P

    Hope it helps someone! Edit: I learned the hard way to make sure that the room you are testing cells in stays a constant temperature. I had mine running in the garage, and it stayed open in hot weather for a few hours. All of the cells during that time tested a few percent lower.
  5. A.Justice

    Elastomeric Slicone Roof Coating, The Cheapest Way To Cool Your RV Or Trailer By 20°!

    I'm in the process of converting a small tow behind trailer into a camper. It had an unpainted aluminum roof that would get up to 160°f on the surface, and heat the internal temperature of the trailer to well over 120°f. I have fans inside, but no AC; so in the sun it's completely miserable. I...
  6. A.Justice

    WANTED! Internal resistance tester.

    I'm looking for a YR1035, YR1035+, or something equivalent. I'll happily pay whatever it cost you from AliX (or wherever), plus shipping. I have some cells that I need to test, and don't want to wait a month or two for a tester from China, nor do I want to spend over $100 to get it...
  7. A.Justice

    A quick (and great) review of ThriveEnergy on DHGate.

    I have placed 3 separate orders with Daniel from ThriveEnergy. Every single one has been a good experience. I received my first order (end of 2019, 8 CALB cells) in less than 50 days, the second order (end of 2020, 16 EVE cells) in about 2 months, and some BMS's (mid-2020) and bus bars came in...
  8. A.Justice

    My TopBand (Navitas) 25 Amp Hour, 12 Volt, Ammo Box Build.

    I finally got the OK from TopBand to mount these cells on their side. They fit perfectly with packing foam wrap. Cost about $100 total. -25 Ah LiFePO4, 4s (~$60) -60 Amp Daly clone BMS ($30) -10 Awg silicone wire -Fuse ($2) -Crushed copper pipe, bent 90°, to keep the box watertight while adding...
  9. A.Justice

    A Question About Non-isolated AC Ground To DC Negative.

    Just want everyone needs, another potential grounding issue! Here goes; I modified a Dell Z750p 63 amp, 120v to 12 volt server power supply to feed a 40 amp Renogy DC-DC converter, for a "shore power" connection of sorts. Mains power --- Dell PSU --- DC to DC converter --- battery ---...
  10. A.Justice

    Lead-Crystal Batteries, And Can They Compete With Lithium?

    Stumbled onto Green Rhino Energy's site earlier today, and saw some interesting claims in the FAQ. ------ -Can a Crystal Battery™ be discharged a 100% Depth of Discharge? Yes, Crystal Batteries™ can be discharged in full frequently, even to 0 Volt. This makes Crystal Batteries™ extremely...
  11. A.Justice

    Bus bars for 25ah Navitas and TopBand blue cells from BH.

    I've gotten pretty good at making bus bars for the 25ah cells, and figured I would offer my services. 3 for $15, free shipping. I will have to make to order, so it might take a few days for larger quantity. If you need a bunch we can work out a deal. -2.15 mm thick -41.52 mm long -24 mm wide...
  12. A.Justice

    40 Amp Shore Power Charging, With A $12 Server Rack Power Supply

    I'm going trailer camping in a few days, and I wanted a shore power connection for my trailer (180 ah, 12 volt, LiFePO4) without spending much, because I won't use it very much. I already had a 40 amp Renogy DC-DC charger, so I figured I would use that as a starting point. I found a pair of 750...
  13. A.Justice

    I finally got to use my emergency batteries!

    I get frequent brownouts, but blackouts for over a minute here aren't super common. However, yesterday, my 5 year old woke me up to tell me that the power was off and had been so for a little while. I could hear the neighbors Generac chugging away, and the rest of the street was dark. Boom...
  14. A.Justice

    12v Voltage Regulator (up/down) from a LiFePo4 for a DIY uninterruptible power supply.

    My new house has brownouts and the mains flicker every now and then (on and off for maybe half a second, a few times in a row). I'm in the process of putting UPS's (uninterruptible power supplies) on all of my sensitive electronics. I got a TrippLite for my computer, that gets HOT, so hot I had...
  15. A.Justice

    M6 Bus Bar Terminal Hole Size.

    I just got the 25ah TopBand cells from BH, and am going to make some bus bars. The stud is M6. Should I drill 6mm holes or 6.5mm? I don't have good metric bits, so I want to buy the right size, the first time, on Amazon. Thanks in advance!
  16. A.Justice

    A definitive answer about charging with a bench power supply through an MPPT controller.

    This has been discussed quite a bit before, but there were very few reporting back as to what happened. I have a Victron 100/30, and two Hanmatek 310 (32v, 10a) switching bench power supplies. My battery is a 12 volt Lifepo4, and I can charge at 20 amps total, using both supplies. I figured I...
  17. A.Justice

    Limiting current when a full second battery bank is put in parallel with a somewhat dead first bank.

    I built a mobile solar generator box, it is 12 volt, and capable of 150 amps discharge. It has all kinds of 12 volt accessory ports (xt60, Anderson, barrel plugs, etc), and a shunt for monitoring AH's. I'm in the process of building a second "external" battery bank to add capacity when needed...
  18. A.Justice

    Finally done with my 12 volt, 180 AH solar generator box!

    I redid my original CALB 200ah (2p4s, 100ah nylon cases cells) box with 90ah (2p4s) aluminum cased cells. They are much smaller and much lighter, so they allowed me to add quite a few things that I didn't have room for before. - Plano trunk - JBD 150 amp BMS - Hall sensor with display - Fused...
  19. A.Justice

    An "Upgrade" To My Portable Solar Generator, In Some Respects.

    I had eight 100ah CALB cells, configured for a 12 volt battery (2p4s, 2400 wh), inside a Plano box. It was HEAVY, and bulky, to move around. I got a deal on some 90ah aluminum EVE cells, and swapped them out. I lost 240 watts, but also lost about half the weight, and gained half my box back...
  20. A.Justice

    Is It Okay To Use 2 Bench PSU's To Speed Up Top Balancing?

    Are there any issues with using 2 power supplies in parallel to top balance Lifepo4's? Both are set to 3.65 volts, 10.1 amps, and connected to opposing sides of the parallel battery bank. Both are the same brand and model. The voltages read slightly different because one has slightly longer...
  21. A.Justice

    Any recommendations for sites LIKE BatteryHookup.

    BH royally pissed my off with the way they handled the Navitas LiFePo4 "fiasco". I feel like I got played and screwed. (Check my comment history) I just ordered a bag of power tool batteries from them, because for $20, you can't beat the price for high-drain cells. However, I need to put...
  22. A.Justice

    Other good off-grid, solar, or "prepping" forums?

    I got a permanent Reddit IP ban a while back for expressing my unpopular opinions, and lost my social media outlet. Does anyone know of any other cool forums about electronics, batteries, EV, solar stuff, off grid, camping, or prepping? I'm staying with my in-laws while my family and I look for...
  23. A.Justice

    It's a good day!

    I just received my order of sixteen 90ah cells from ThriveEnergy on DHGate! They took 2 and a half months to receive. I paid less than $850 for them with 32 buss bars to parallel and balance, and they were matched based on internal resistance at the factory (I know that it doesn't mean they are...
  24. A.Justice

    What do the pinouts on my BMS's do?

    I have a few BMS's and they all have extra pinouts. Two of the pictures are from a JBD-sp04s005, and one is from a generic brand, but looks similar to overkills. Does anyone know what all, or any, of these are for? The only one I figured out was for a switch to turn the bms on or off. Thanks in...
  25. A.Justice

    I need advice on a long range wireless router.

    I need a good long range router. I just moved to a more spacious area, with under 50 mbps internet speed. I had gigabit fiber before, so I wanted to go with a high speed, and naturally, lower range WiFi option. Now, with the connection being so much slower, I would like to be able to throw the...
  26. A.Justice

    Opinions on this Amazon active cell balancer?

    I came across this on amazon today, it's a 4s (or 8s), up to 5 amp, active balancer for $35 ($50 for the 8s). It has no reviews. Has anyone used this style of balancer before? I assume it's sold under other brands. For the price I may just grab one to play with...
  27. A.Justice

    A hypothetical question about the current carrying capacity of bare copper.

    From what I understand, wire mostly gets it's amp ratings based on the type of insulation, and how well it withstands heat. Obviously there's physical limitations based on the wire gauge, but the difference between cheaply insulated stuff with a low melt point, and something like PTFE or...
  28. A.Justice

    Best sources for high quality copper wire (U.S)?

    I'll start off with some venting, because I don't know anyone in real life that understands my frustrations. I bought some nice (or so I thought at the time) silicone insulated 10 awg copper wire. The strands appeared to be copper, and I really like the high temperature rating and soft...
  29. A.Justice

    Best kind of quick-connectors for medium / high amperage loads?

    I built a 12 volt generator box, and need connectors that can handle PV in (max 100 volts, 40 amps), DC charge in (30 amps) a smaller inverter connection (~50 amps) and large inverter (~200a). I ordered some XT60 connectors, and was not impressed by the size, or feel. They seem like a good...
  30. A.Justice

    Semi-Portable, 2400wh LiFePo4 generator box. Almost done!

    I wanted to build a high output, portable, lithium battery for work and car-camping. I already had eight 100ah CALB Cells, and a plastic Plano box that they fit almost perfectly into. The project was more about condensing and putting my system into a portable box, I already had most of the...
  31. A.Justice

    Capacity of LiFePo4 beyond 10k cycles?

    I see that LiFePo4 can last up to 5-10k (depends on how much you charge / discharge, of course) cycles before it suffers around a 20% loss. Does anybody have data on a battery that has more than 10k cycles? I would be interested to know at what point they loose about 50% of their useable...
  32. A.Justice

    Question about laying batteries on their side for cold weather heating.

    I got these Topband 25 AH LiFePo4's (metal cased) for my trailer (they are an old, undersized pack for another project). I am in the process of insulating and heating the pack for cold morning charges. The orange pad is a 15 watt silicone heating pad, and the clear box is a thermostat that is...
  33. A.Justice

    Do you really need a BMS, or could a cell balancer and LVD be used instead?

    I found THIS active cell balancer on Amazon, and was wondering if it could be used to replace a BMS, as long as I safeguard my cells in another way. I already use a separate LVD on a relay for my large loads, and was wondering if I could add a cell balancer to that, and remove my BMS. I have...
  34. A.Justice

    My Thousand dollar 2400Wh backup system is mostly done!

    It works! I have a better Victron charge controller on the way, but other than that, it works great! Eight 3.6v (edit 3.2v) CALB batteries (4s2p), XiaoXiang 150 amp BMS, 500 watt inverter (soon to be upgraded), 600 watts of currently connected panels, Amazon shut, and a fire extinguisher...
  35. A.Justice

    My scrap 2x4 ground mounted panels!

    I didn't want to spend more money on panel mounts, so I used some old wood! Completely free, and it's stood up to 65+ mph winds.