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    Working with a local solar contractor?

    I am considering putting in a grid-tie system in my house, and would like to do as much work as possible. My wife will not let me on the roof, so that is out. The local muni also is CRAZY strict (can't even call to ask them questions if not a lic. electrician), so I will need to work with a...
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    Looking for a unicorn off-grid inverter?

    I am trying to find a split phase (or 240V+transformer) off-grid inverter in the 5-6KW range, that accepts a 120V AC input for charging. Preferably that can accept > 250VDC of solar. So far, no luck. The MPP LVX6048 and Growatt 5000 from MPP requires 240V input. The Growatt 6K split phase...
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    NEC 710 / Split Phase

    I was trying to determine if I can get away with a non-UL listed AIO unit for an off-grid property in Michigan, and was reading through the NEC, when I found this: 710.15(C) Single 120-Volt Supply. Stand-alone systems shall be permitted to supply 120 volts to single-phase, 3-wire, 120/240-volt...
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    230V with midpoint transformer vs split phase transformer

    Why would I consider a 240V single phase hybrid inverter + midpoint transformer, vs a true split phase inverter (or two single phase 120V inverters). Just cost, or?
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    Shower thought - Using the shipping foam for battery build

    With all the chatter about terminal stress and bus bars I am considering just taking the time to make my own copper wire with lugs to connect the batteries. I kind of find cable making satisfying :) I am also building this battery for cold climate, and it popped in my head to use the nice foam...
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    Hybrid Inverter sizing advice

    I'm going to be adding two bedrooms and a bathroom to a pole shed I have on a remote property, and am looking to install a 3 zone mini split (27000BTU/22 Seer). I am considering getting the 3K growatt unit (120V). By my calculation mini split could draw 1227W (27000/22). The only other loads...
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    A few questions in preparation for cells

    I ordered 16 304AH cells from Amy Zheng. I had already purchased the 48V Overkill 16S BMS. I had a couple of questions if anyone would have the time to comment: 1.) How do I size a class t fuse? Is 200A sufficient? 2.) What is the best place to put a fuse? 3.) Is putting some sort of smart...
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    Is my DIY ground mound idea stupid?

    So, I'm planning on building my own ground solar racking, as I am fairly handy and a cheapskate. I also really want to be able to adjust the tilt during the winter (Upper Peninsula of MI). I was thinking of doing something where I would bury a single row of 4x6 posts every 6-8 feet or so or ...
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    Getting ready to order panels-- U.P. of MI

    I have some recreational land up north, and built a pole shed. I have no grid power, and am looking to put about 4K of solar in with the goal of powering a small camper, starlink, and a fullsize fridge. The bi-facials are in my budget, and seem to be a great solution for ground mount in snowy...
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    Chins heated battery vs SOK with a DIY heating solution

    I was originally going to build a 48V pack with the Lishen 272 cells via the group buy, but that all fell through Now I just assume any alibaba/express order has more than a 50% chance of disappointing me, so I am looking at turnkey solutions. My issue is that I am putting solar on some...
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    How much do I need to worry about heat?

    As I wait for 16 cells to arrive, I have been day dreaming about how I will build this battery. I like how @Off-Grid-Garage did it, and plan to take a similar approach. I plan on getting a heat pen, and custom fitting the enclosure with 1 or 2" of foam, as this battery will experience harsh...
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    BMS for 48V, with focus on low-temp features

    I have ordered 16 of the 270AH cells from Michael's group buy, and want to spend some time over the next few months planning things out. I plan on building a 48V battery, to be housed in a pole barn in the U.P. of Michigan. The pole building is unheated, so it can get VERY cold. I plan on...
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    Would someone critique my 1000ft view plan of off-grid solar living?

    Hi everyone, boy this site is like drinking from a firehose. I love it. DIY solar checks all of the boxes of things that I love: Saving money (longterm), DIY, self-sufficiency , etc. I have a ton of thoughts rolling around, and was wondering if someone might spare a minute or two to ensure...
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    Distance to solar array limitations

    Hello everyone, My wife and I are building an off-grid home in the U.P, of Michigan, and the way things are looking, it appears that the solar array would need to be roughly 700feet from the house. I am going with the assumption that putting the batteries and such near the array and running AC...
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    Having some difficulty with breaker/fuse placement.

    I purchased the 12V 1K MPP Solar unit for my camper, and am having trouble determining fuse/breaker sizing and placement. I will have 160W of panels and a 100AH AGM battery. My understanding is that I need about a 125A fuse on the positive of the battery, but the manual also mentions that the...
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    MPP Solar vs separate components

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what the prevailing opinion is on going with an MPP Solar Unit vs separate MPTT charge controller/inverter/transfer switch etc. I just bought a small travel trailer, and am looking to put 200W of solar panels on the roof. Going to stick with the single FLA deep...