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    Panel tilt

    That extra info might be real good for calculating your KWH based on typical weather. A person might actually learn they're going to need twice the PV they were planning to buy. Had I known how little power I was going to get from my Panels, I probably would have waited a few years.
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    LISUATELI 12V low charging protection

    It seems like they're using some tricks to avoid heating the Cells with a cell-heater (resistive wire?). Once the cell-temp drops down between 0 and -10 C, the BMS will charge at low current. They say that (low current charging) will slowly heat up the Cells, and allowing for faster charging...
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    Panel tilt

    Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory Department of Physics this will help you calculate what you need. I used before I built the adjustable tilt into my semi-fixed array rack. If you do want to make it adjustable, you might want to add a one...
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    Inside the Big Battery 48v BDGR 2.1 kWH Battery Pack

    If he had a 1300 calcium scan score when he was 74, I would be more impressed. :)
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    Inside the Big Battery 48v BDGR 2.1 kWH Battery Pack

    Thanks! They are at 4.0833 right now. The TS-45 is set for 49 volts. I'll take it down to 48v, (4.0) next time I get down there with the laptop. Since I'm 75 years old, maybe I don't need these batteries to last for a very long time.. :)
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    Inside the Big Battery 48v BDGR 2.1 kWH Battery Pack

    I'm trying to use these for a back-up power source during grid failures. So, staying at a good SOC would be idea. I've read advice somewhere about not leaving them at full-charge for too long. Also discharging them (by some percentage?) periodically. So, I'm thinking of setting my solar charger...
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    Inside the Big Battery 48v BDGR 2.1 kWH Battery Pack

    Yeah, it seems like mine might be 12 "NMC/LI-Ion Cells". 12 x 4.2v = 50.4v the recommended charge voltage. Mine have been running 50.4v for a while. I wonder if a little lower charge voltage would extend the cycle life? Maybe 49V or 4.0833v per cell?
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    48V BDGR - NMC - 40AH - 1.95KWH "gen 2" Questions

    My order just came in, but I'm not sure if I have the 40Ah (gen 2) or the old 33Ah (gen 1) models. There's a tiny sticker on the side of the units that says (2) next to the "QC-Pass" sticker. So maybe it was QC inspector #2 or it's a Generation 2 model. No paperwork. BB Chat support told me they...
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    It's been a few months. I'm curious to know if you received your order, and were you happy with the equipment you purchased?