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  1. macdad22

    Parallel 2 48V lifepo4 batteries advice

    First of all I would like to thank Will Prowse for the forum and all the great YouTube videos as I've learned so much from him and others over the past few months. About a month I turned up a Growatt 12k inverter with a 48V 4s4s configured EVE 280AH battery bank. Each 4S battery has a Daly...
  2. macdad22

    Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd.

    Just wanted everyone here to know that I ordered on April ( NOT May ) 3, 2021 from Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd. 16 pieces of 272ah Lishen cells. Unfortunately, they ended up being out of stock of the Lishen cells and sent me the CATL 271ah cells for the same price. I plan on building a...
  3. macdad22

    DIY Battery Backup system w/ Tesla Solar Roof integration?

    Friends, I'm somewhat new hear, but I'm in the middle of building a 4S4S3P LifePO4 ~ 40Kw battery bank 48V system to be connected to a Growatt 12000t Off grid inverter. After looking hard at DIY solar it appears a Tesla system for 12Kwh solar panel system fully installed less than doing solar...