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  1. circus

    11,11 It's Singles day (China's black friday)

    Just wondering if anyone's taking advantage of today's sale. Here's a video about shopping Singles day. Slanted toward electric bike stuff but still valid to our interest. Shopping Singles day
  2. circus

    New inverter only putting out 50hz (should be 60)

    Received only 30 minutes ago. Plugged in a Kill-a watt with no load, 50hz, plugged in 1000w resistive load, 50hz. plugged in a fan, a little slower. Other than that it pumped out 1500w without breaking a sweat. Should I care? Does it matter? Should I complain? Update: Repaired
  3. circus

    Fused power cord?

    Is there such a thing as a fused power cord. Short one with multiple outlets would be perfect. Shorted out my twenty year old modi-sine inverter trimming trees. It's dead. The chain saw was off but still rotating snagging the cord. Don't want it to happen again when the new (expensive) bigger...
  4. circus

    What would make a good non conducting buss bar?

    Contemplating a battery of lifepo4 cylindrical cells. Using non conductive buss bars plus the cu buss bars would tie all the loose cells into a solid block.
  5. circus

    Cobble together a DC current meter?

    Can measure volts, ac current and ohms but not dc current. Is there something I can cobble together? Nothing elaborate. Don't want to steal the one out of the old fashion gauge cluster. Don't want to buy another clamp meter just for a couple minutes use.
  6. circus

    Battery shape matter?

    I assume these low profile lifepo4's function similar to standard but don't know for sure. They would allow me to lower the false floor in my minivan a good 4 inches. :) Swell less too. Unless there's a problem with the supplier LiitoKala. Anyone?
  7. circus

    Panel disconnect?

    I've read yes, I've read no. Erring on the side of caution when shopping. All the switches found looked like they belonged in a breaker box. I imagined something simpler.. 720w parallel mppt 12v On a related matter: Is there any chance, if the scc fails, say, 100 battery amps (4 gauge)...
  8. circus

    Hooking up a MPPT charge controller to a battery

    The instructions stressed hooking up the battery before hooking up the PV panels. Fine. Only thing is, there's a fuse between the mppt and the battery. What would happen to the mppt if the fuse was tripped (no battery) and the PV panels were producing, say, 700 watts? Purely hypothetical