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  1. macdad22

    Frustrated and need ideas…

    You have to wake your BMS. You can do this by charging your battery, for lifePO 14.4V is recommended by anything above 13.06V should work. If you do not have a charger you can short B- to the P- on the BMS. Most of us do this my switching our multimeters to Ohm mode. This shoudl wake up the...
  2. macdad22

    Parallel 2 48V lifepo4 batteries advice

    I think I'm back to believing this will work well, presuming have both both bank at similar voltage before connecting.. thanks everyone
  3. macdad22

    Parallel 2 48V lifepo4 batteries advice

    Steve- Thanks for the thoughtful and quick reply. While my current 4s4s setup works just fine as a standalone battery bank with the growatt as the inverter shutdowns when a BMS takes down one of the 12V batteries I can now see the challenge with the 4s4s setup working in parallel with a 16S...
  4. macdad22

    Parallel 2 48V lifepo4 batteries advice

    First of all I would like to thank Will Prowse for the forum and all the great YouTube videos as I've learned so much from him and others over the past few months. About a month I turned up a Growatt 12k inverter with a 48V 4s4s configured EVE 280AH battery bank. Each 4S battery has a Daly...
  5. macdad22

    Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd.

    They where well packed, i've inserted bolts into the threads, it appears all of them are close in charge at 3.27V. With shipping ~$116 a cell, so quit a bit of savings vs. Aliexpress from a warehouse in the USA, but tradeoff was the 60 day wait. Hopefully post COVID sea shipping times shrink...
  6. macdad22

    Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd.

    I need to correct this.. it was 60 days I ordered them on April 3.
  7. macdad22

    Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd.

    Just wanted everyone here to know that I ordered on April ( NOT May ) 3, 2021 from Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd. 16 pieces of 272ah Lishen cells. Unfortunately, they ended up being out of stock of the Lishen cells and sent me the CATL 271ah cells for the same price. I plan on building a...
  8. macdad22

    Anti-islanding a battery backup system without solar

    Prog, Your best bet is to use an offgrid hybrid solar/charger/inverter that is similar or perhaps one that GroWatt makes. The key to this is to have the AC input coming from the grid, the subpanel fed ( this would be the items you want on battery backup ) from the AC output on the inverter...
  9. macdad22

    Finished my 3D Printed 12V 310Ah Battery Case

    This is a great build!!! Congrats!!.. would you be willing to share the .STL files or post to thingiverse? I was just about to head down a similar path for my 4S builds.
  10. macdad22

    3D-printing a Simple Battery Box for 4 x 280 Ah Cells - anyone done this?

    Did you ever make any progress with this? Im considering the same thing
  11. macdad22

    DIY Battery Backup system w/ Tesla Solar Roof integration?

    Friends, I'm somewhat new hear, but I'm in the middle of building a 4S4S3P LifePO4 ~ 40Kw battery bank 48V system to be connected to a Growatt 12000t Off grid inverter. After looking hard at DIY solar it appears a Tesla system for 12Kwh solar panel system fully installed less than doing solar...