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  1. magic8192

    Electric water heater with timer and thermostatic mixing valve

    Would this honeywell mixing valve and this mechanical timer work? I have a 50 gallon commercial water with dual 180F 2500Watt thermostats. It is the #1 power user in my home. Rewire the dual thermostats individually and connect the mechanical timer to 1 element. Set the thermostat for the...
  2. magic8192

    System planning for an AC coupled Grid tied system

    I currently have a grid tied PV system with 12 AP Systems QS1 1200 watt micro inverters with 48 320 watt 72 cell panels. My big snag right now is finding the right inverter and the right monitoring. Any feedback is appreciated. My priorities: Charging from PV only Minimize grid usage, but it...