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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    Ever since I started emailing BB through my non yahoo email account I've been getting better correspondence. Both batteries were carefully packaged up and secured on a pallet. Pickup was scheduled for this past Monday but they didnt get picked up until Thursday (due to our location and the...
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    Finally getting the ball rolling on RMA for my 2 batteries. Communication has been difficult but helpful when it happens. They require me to re-box the batteries and ratchet tie them to a pallet. They arrange the freight pickup which I have to pay, they do the repair and replacement and pay...
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    Ive not discharged the one battery down that low but I did discharge all 3 in parallel to 43.0V at one point as they had that voltage recommended on the parameter sheet online when the batteries were bought. Now they have it listed at 44.8V for 80% DoD. I have no doubt this 1 Llama is within...
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    I should have stated that the 44.8v, I have set in my charger/inverter (LBCO), not from the BMS. I misspoke with LVCO.
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    No idea whats going on with your battery, sounds like weak cells or out of balance?. I have 1 of 3 that's close to spec. 44.8v cutoff gave me 91AH discharge It has a bit of weird activity when it gets to the top of charge but eventually balances out and tapers the current as it should...
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    Can I top balance and build my battery in a cold room ?

    The battery spec sheet should provide the temp range for charging. You can also consider insulating the batteries to keep them more on the warmer side as 35F is getting cold for charging some chemistries.
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    I received a call from BB today and they were very helpful. Battery #3 seems to be working well for us. Ive discharged it at least 70% and the AH recovered hasn't been less than 1AH off. They had me adjust my charge voltage to 50.4V and LVCO for 44.8V. Ive been instructed not to charge these...
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    The LVCO happened around 3AM this morning, BMK reported -60 AH. Solar began charging the battery. It was jumping voltage quite sporadically 44.3-49V. It accepted about 10AH and then hit over voltage 52V+ and settled back into 51.0V. BMK showed -49AH with the battery full. After turning the...
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    Thanks for your reply. That sounds very likely. I can't unfortunately. It would likely require me to open the battery and I believe that would cause warranty issues. Do you think it may balance out during discharge? The 14S pack is now at 44.8V discharging at 8A
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    I seem to have the odd scenarios. For the past month we've been running on 2pc Llama's. I've seen the BMK show up to 160AH discharge between them overnight. The weird voltage jumping continues and the BMK AH meter never gets back to 0, sometimes it will cap out at -30AH sometimes -12AH. This...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    Between my inverter, parallel box and the battery terminals I have a 0.2V difference. In order to hit 51.0V on the battery I need 51.2V absorb at the SCC. The parallel box, in-between the batteries and SCC reads 51.1V. Maybe you're seeing voltage drop between the battery and SCC?
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    Dog Show Battery

    I was arguing in favor of a generator and didn't convince you, that's fine. I hope you find what works best for you! GL in your future shows and I am sure the neighbors on-site will appreciate the less noise.
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    Dog Show Battery

    I would say a good inverter generator is probably the best bet. Our blower requires 20A service when both motors are running. Not sure what the draw is on batteries would be but I'd imagine you would need a nice inverter and some battery weight, or cost if you use LFP. For just occasional...
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    Parallel LFP batteries drop voltage during absorbtion, what causes this?

    I am having a heck of a time with my bigbattery Llama's. Originally I had 3pc. They are oddball 14S batteries and charge to 51V. One of the batteries I have has a problem that bigbattery has said will be replaced after I ship it to them. There seems to be a problem causing the BMS to heat up...
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    LiFePO4 Voltage Chart?

    I've been watching my battery bank voltage along with my battery monitor kit which seems to be a good judge of +/- AH. I reset my AH meter at full charge yesterday and now my 345 AH bank is down 110AH and showing 46.0V (my 14S configuration is fully charged at 51.0V). According to the voltage...
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    Big Battery 24v LifePo4 170ah Power Block operated in series?

    They sell a cable to series connect them. I would contact them first to make sure
  17. G 48V LAMA - LiFePO4-115Ah-5.3kWh

    I just requested an RMA on my battery. It would have been nice to have the top section only sent out but frankly I'm not 100% certain that's the issue (or only issue?). They said I need to ship it back via Freight, which I expect will take a week or so to get there, then they told me they will...
  18. G 48V LAMA - LiFePO4-115Ah-5.3kWh

    One of mine is for certain defective. Today I caught a glimpse of some smoke coming from the BMS. Not quite fast enough to get the smoke on video for their tech support. Worst smell in the world! Still waiting on a reply from tech support for the next steps. Support is slow unfortunately...
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    What wattage are the panels putting out?

    On my Magnum PT100 (MPPT) SCC it always pushes a lot more amps than my PV array puts out. I was confused about this in the beginning as I had a breaker trip at about 70A reading on the PT100. After a lot of testing (DC clamp meter on all strings and then on the home run at the PV combiner and...
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    Wind generator with solar panels?

    We thought about getting a turbine for supplemental energy after the sun goes down. We decided that if we added more solar panels it was a better benefit over the course of the day. We may still visit that but around here the winds are not as consistent as other areas due to our topography. I...
  21. G 48V LAMA - LiFePO4-115Ah-5.3kWh

    Yes I have mine connected up to the parallel box. The LED display seems to be a better measurement of amperage in or out from the parallel bank. They play well together however as I mentioned, one of the batteries BMS gets extremely hot and this particular battery usually is...
  22. G 48V LAMA - LiFePO4-115Ah-5.3kWh

    My batteries will have a voltage of roughly 46.5 when in the middle of SOC. 43-44v still has a little juice though Ive not discharged below 43v, it starts tapering off fast below 44v. 49.6 to 46.5v is a relatively fast discharge. 46.5 to 44.0? is the plateau. 44 to 43v is relatively fast...
  23. G 48V LAMA - LiFePO4-115Ah-5.3kWh

    I have three of these batteries in my off grid shed. They are 14S batteries and have different charge settings than 16S batteries. I charge mine to 49.6 volts and have low volt cutout at 43v. They are working fine but one of the three gets very warm. Tech support had me remove the lid to see...
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    The ruling class and solar

    Am I blind or does it seem like the ruling class opt's for fancy yards instead of solar arrays? Have you ever seen a picture of member of the ruling classes property? No wind generators or solar arrays. I was shocked to see President Obama's home (very beautiful BTW). It looks like a power...
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    Inverter/charger setting

    Do you have the magnum remote me-rc or me-arc?
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    Already outgrowing my new solar system

    Thanks for everyone's replies and suggestions. As I said I purchased 5pc more eco worthy 195w panels. Every one of them arrived undamaged by UPS (thanks BTW). I hooked them up around 3:30pm and here I sit with more juice than normal for this time of day during these AC powered days. Its...
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    Epever is money down the drain.

    I looked at what my neighbors all used and copied them. Surprisingly most have magnum brand. I really hope to not outgrow this 4400w 48v unit. Very expensive!
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    Magnum ME-ARC / PT100 Absorb Done?

    Is there a preference when Absorb Done per the ME-ARC settings? Magnum recommended 1.5hrs for my 3p 48v bank. says absorb doesnt apply to LFP batteries in there parameter sheet and recommends 3.65v per cell for all charge stages, which is 51v for my 14S batteries. I am charging...
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    New member

    I am new so I can't answer a lot of your questions but let me give you some insight that ive gained. For off grid you really gotta think of conservation. The more power demands you have such as microwaves or AC use after dark requires a big battery bank. To fill that bank the next day you...
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    My eco worthy 195w panels just performed over spec

    It was up and down between 3.5-4.0 Kw for at least 10 minutes. Ive heard of that as well and wondered if it may had been the case. My panels are ground mounted true south but the angle is fixed so i never even expected to witness max spec.
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    My eco worthy 195w panels just performed over spec

    I got a max PV input of 4.0Kw off of my 20x 195w panels today at noon. I usually see 3.6 or 3.7 Kw as a high even on clear days. The setup is only about 2 months since it was installed. Seemed like some clouds in the sky at the time which surprised me. I have a little more confidence in...
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    2 Hours on the phone with Renogy tech-support! Why would anyone recommend products from this company?

    When you pay enough restocking fee's you will start to call the company first before you give them your money. I'm not a fan of buying off of Amazon for easy returns even though that's what a lot of customers do. Companies, while I don't stand up for their rights anymore than I would the...
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    Already outgrowing my new solar system

    It's 2 AC units sucking all the power. We draw between 3-9 amps with our normal load, and over 55A with ACs running. There is no natural shade, available at the campsites so we are the mercy of cool weather or clouds. One of the campers has a propane fridge the other has electric. Range and...
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    Already outgrowing my new solar system

    We figured the usage calculations based on the house but with 2 AC units running in campers its sucking all the energy so the calculations are out the window for the next couple months. I am sure once the house is finished we'll have more power than we need but for now it seems like we gotta...