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  1. Factory400

    24v/400Ah in a 1-man mobile configuration

    Curious how many have designed a battery pack similar to what I have. When I initially looked at what I needed and wanted from a battery system, I decided I wanted it to serve more than one single purpose. Power my travel trailer on camping trips. Provide backup and auxiliary power at home...
  2. Factory400

    Chargery BMS16T Teardown and circuit analysis? Anyone?

    I don't believe anyone has started a thread like this - a teardown of a Chargery BMS16T to analyze how it works. Does this sound interesting? Nerd Level: 1000
  3. Factory400

    Ali Express feels so shady - but do I have a choice buying LiFePO4 batteries?

    I have only ordered a handful of things from Ali Express and Alibaba over the years, all of which has been low value. Now that I am building some large-ish battery systems, the money is enough to sting if I get ripped off. How in the world do I qualify the myriad of vendors on Ali Express...
  4. Factory400

    Too good to be true? Legit? 16pcs of 100Ah CALB cells for $78 each. "Grade A" "Brand new" Free shipping to USA. Seems like a setup for disappointment 30-40 days from now....or a great deal from an aggressive seller looking to get...
  5. Factory400

    Building for reliability: 24v 200-400Ah LifePO4

    I have been considering my options for an off-grid mobile power system for a while. On the topic of the battery storage, I recently decided on 24v LifePO4. Requirements - Basic use: 100Ah Typical use: 200Ah Typical use with hopeful rainy day energy budget: 400Ah Max load 2.5kW Average load...