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    Growatt 3000 Hybrid System Design Feedback Appreciated!

    Hello Everyone, Over the past couple of months I have worked on a plan for a hybrid solar system for the house. I wanted to share and hopefully get feedback from you all. The system will run about 3-5 branch circuits in the house. Mainly just taking some of the load off the utility. Ok so here...
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    Automatic Transfer Switch and a Kodiak

    Thank you for the feedback....I did get a second battery, and I did watch the video from Will Prowse. The in/out set up is different since the battery for the Kodiak is internal, and the only out ports are the plugs....I still going to look and tinker. :)
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    Automatic Transfer Switch and a Kodiak

    I have Kodiak 1100W bought in 2019 as an emergency backup for the house. I have a 12V 200ah lead acid battery connected to the Kodiak. I live in Southern California where we get frequent rolling blackouts during the summer months. Here is my question to the collective mind. Is it possible to...