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    Are my panels broken? My charge controller? Low wattage..

    Hi, I have two 260 watt panels, paralleled to a 40 amps epever tracerBN(mppt), connected to a diy 280ah lifepo4 battery. The battery is at a low SOC, it's a sunny California day at around noon. I'm getting 17 amps max :-\ I check the voltage at the panels, it reads approx 31 volts. (Vmpp =...
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    Top balancing 280ah REPT cells is one cell bad?

    So I top balanced a group of 16 280ah REPT cells from Starmax to about 3.62v. Left them connected in parallel for a couple days after charging. After balancing the voltages have settled down to the 3.46 range, and are all very very close, 3.461-3.469 except one! One cell is reading 3.37x and...