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    Rover 40a MPPT voltage mismatch

    What's going on here? Is this defective? I have a shunt, bms, even a cheap voltage readout display all showing the exact same voltages and this is off by .2... I have no voltage drop all the way from the battery to the charge controller either.
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    New battery box for 280ah 4s 12v with lugs on eBay Ships out of phoenix. Anyone tried them? If you do buy them because of this post (looks like quantity is limited) please report back here with a review and pics!
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    Renogy MPPT temperature sensor not supported on lithium batteries? This MPPT has a temp sensor port. The manual states that you should not use the temp sensor with lithium battereis but does not explain why. Does this not have low temp shutoff?
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    24v bank from two 4s liitokalta shipments?

    I bought a 4s 280ah battery cells plus bus bars from varicore/liitokalta store on aliexpress, it is on the way. If I order another one can I use them together to build a 24 volt 8s configuration or is that a bad idea?
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    Battery & electrical system for solar mountain bike van remote office build

    Hi I am building out my 4wd astro van out as a mobile LTE office so I can work my remote job and ride mountain bikes out west all summer. I am in the planning stages and have only ordered thus far a 4s 12v varicore 280ah, which is delayed because of chinese new year. I am on the fence of...