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    Giandel Inverter remote control

    Has anyone gotten their Giandel Inverter to remotely switch with a logic level, i.e., on/off? The remote control panel that comes with it is a "I'll think about it" button, meaning it uses a microcontroller to take a pulse from the switch and power down. That makes it extremely difficult to...
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    Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Mono Solar Panel, Compact Design, High Efficiency

    I bought two of these panels and had one out in the direct sun today. Call me greedy, but the max I saw this panel deliver was 120 watts. I am talking Austin, Texas, direct sun at 1400 with the panel tilted to as close to perpendicular as I could get it with a straight stick. Temps were in...
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    Battery Buss Bar Alternative

    Seeing that the buss bars that come with our cells come with a limited number of buss bars, I needed more, as you would building bank. Thinking about smashing pipe or buying copper bar stock, I wondered if this would work. These are 1/0 lugs with 1/0 welding cable connecting them. The spacing...
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    EVE LiFePo4 Cell Studs

    So I just opened the packet of hardware that came with my EVE cells and found plated copper bars and Studs. I don't have to make them or buy the, they came with. I am thrilled. They must be listening to Will.
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    New Camper Design

    I updated my design with a proper battery config and added a few things. I am fixing to build this out on my truck camper and was hoping y'all could review it for errors and maybe suggest improvements. Thanks very much for any feedback.
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    Comments of advice?

    I have received nearly everything for my build. I put this together a few weeks ago and been thinking about it. Thought I would post it here and see if anyone has any comments, advice, warnings or constructive criticism of this design. Thanks much!
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    Qishou Tech LiFePo4 Cells arrived today

    Just received 8 cells that I ordered from Amy. I found and ordered what should have been Eve cells, but these don't look like Eve cells, do they? All eight look new and all measure 3.29v, so I guess I won't have to balance them. I suppose if they work, I shouldn't worry if they are Eve cells...
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    Alibaba vs AliExpress

    Why are 280ah LiFePo4 batteries far less expensive on Alibaba than they are on AliExpress?