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    "Minerals" 8S 200A smart BMS, with 2A active balancing, via Andy/OffgridGarage

    As Andy was testing the 48V JK BMS (click for video) on a 4S/8S system, you need a DC/DC converter. But, he also has a link available for an 7S-8S 24V BMS with 2A active balancing, see second entry: AliExpress links...
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    Avoid AliExpress "LiitokalaVariCoreFlagship Store" from "$433 280Ah LiFePO4 Cells Tested: Cheaper than lead acid!" video

    I ordered 8 cells (VariCore 280Ah), from the link in the video description by @Will Prowse - when they arrived I checked the cells. Some were not flat, others were not. I started testing, see the topic here. I never got close to 280Ah, even though there's a big white label on the cells saying...
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    Daly 250A, current (amperage) reading jumping/inaccurate/inconsistent

    Hi all, I couldn't wake the Daly 250A (no fan) BMS up with a load on the battery, so I shorted B- and P- as per some videos/threads. Some sparks, but still no luck. In the end, I used the two pins that can supposedly be connected to a button to restart the BMS. It woke up. However... I...
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    DalyBMS monitoring 8s system with graph (on pc)?

    Hi, I've been searching these forums, but can't figure out how to monitor a DalyBMS with a different application than PCMaster. I'd like a graph with the voltage/load etc. Is there any software like this? Third party perhaps? With regards, Martijn
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    Cell imbalance during (slow) capacity test: not even near rated capacity

    Hi all, So, I'm currently testing my 8 280Ah cells. I charged the individual cells to a certain point, which in hindsight shouldn't have done cause it takes way too long with a 10A power supply. So when I got the charger, I did a quick charge and then proceeded to top balance as per...
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    Cell have arrived (8 x 280Ah, VariCore)

    After over 50 days in transit, my 8 cells have arrived, two boxes with 4 cells each. No bulging, some scratches at the terminals, all cells measure 3.21 to 3.23V. The 6mm holes are so tiny, need to be careful with that thread. It seems the shop now sells with modified terminals ( see photo...
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    Fusing the balance/monitoring wires?

    Searched, but couldn't find an answer. Would it be wise to fuse the balance/monitoring wires that go to the BMS? Or is there internal over-current protection in the BMS for these wires? I see additional connections (for the fuses) and some resistance. Yay or naye? With regards, Martijn
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    Cell busbar amperage?

    Hi, Not sure if 'busbar' is the correct word here, but I mean the flats/cables between individual cells in order to make a battery. I've seen this topic ( ) but I'm not sure what to make of it. I have trouble sizing the busbars...
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    Newbie questions: materials and safety issues

    Hi all, This forum is quite the resource! I've been reading through it but ended up with a few questions. I'm trying to figure out if I should build my own LifePO4 battery (that is the intention) for a camper conversion ( see ) of a Unimog. I'd like to go with a 24V 280Ah...