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    Newbie here, does this battery bank connection to the Lynx Distributor look right?

    My 8 3.2V 206aH Lishen cells finally arrived!! Now to hook them up to my 12V system. I have a Victron Lynx Distributor where all components are fused. The battery bank was going to connect to the left-most positive and negative connection points. However, after reading a bunch, I've decided to...
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    I have a 2k watt inverter, will two Overkill 120A 12V 4S BMS's work with two separate battery packs?

    This question may have been answered (potentially many) times before but I'm struggling as a noob. I have two separate 4S battery packs (8 cells in total) in a 12V system. Each one will be equipped with its own Overkill 120A 4S BMS(es?). I have a typical off-grid, camper van DC load and a 2000W...
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    Please critique my electrical diagram (12v system | 4.8kw bank | 2kw inverter | DC-DC charging) *UPDATED!*

    Thanks for clicking in and having a look. Electrical diagram is attached but you can also go here: to view it. My main question is in regards to the battery-to-battery charger which is not connected to the Victron Lynx Distributor currently. Because it will have an inline fuse (and the...
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    Please critique my electrical diagram (12v | 3.6-4.8kw bank | 2kw inverter | DC-DC charging)

    Hey all! I learned a lot since my first proposed Electrical Diagram. If anyone could take a look at my second version, which is quite different, I'd be beyond grateful. This is a 12V system with 3.6-4.8kw battery bank (300-400aH), 2000 watt inverter, DC-DC alternator charging, and 620 watts of...
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    $1000 12v 400aH XUBA battery pack on AliBaba... good or bad idea??

    Looking to purchase this 12v 400aH battery pack from XUBA on AliBaba. Seems like a great alternative to purchasing my own cells and creating my own battery bank. (I need between 320-400aH @ 12V.) I'm apprehensive though... It a bad idea to order these battery packs rather than the individual...
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    Could someone take a look at my 24V camper van electrical schematic? (Using all-in-one solar system)

    Hello! Newbie poster here. (Please be kind but all assistance is greatly appreciated.) Can someone please look over my wiring schematic for this 24V system for my camper van? It uses BigBattery's battery power bank and connects it to an all-in-one Growatt unit. There's a DC-DC step down...