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    AliExpress fake seller stores “xxxxOrders Store”

    I noticed that there are hundreds of new accounts with this format. Older ones have user comments that specify that somehow the seller falsified the tracking to look like it is real and at the end on the tracking it said that the package was delivered when in fact there was no package. Buyers...
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    AliExpress 320ah that cost $22 per cell with shipping ?

    Please anyone can help all of us understand what is with the stores from AliExpress that have numbers at the beginning, like 6999store and they sell 320ah cells 10 times less the usual price with $22 for a cell ? US $45.46 62% Off | 100% New Lifepo4 320Ah 4-16PCS 3.2V Grade A 48V 310AH...
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    Scratched QR code and new fake smaller one added

    I recently noticed that many people receive scratched and covered middle QR code under safety valve. Various types of batteries from various factory do this and use old refurbished cells repacked with just a plastic cover: PWOD, litokala … Also Exliporc : What do they try to hide and what...
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    310ah cells different weight of 200 grams

    Same lot of batteries of advertised 310ah has this difference in cell weight. Cells are either exactly 5.3kg (96 cells) or cells) . Is this a normal behavior and cells are matched by capacity so weight doesn’t matter ? could it be that some are 280ah and some 300ah ? thank you .
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    PWOD refuse to replace 144 pcs damaged 310ah batteries worth of $20000

    HI, After waiting 125 days from payment to ship to European Union, I received from PWOD a number of 144 batteries swollen worth of $20000 and I am sure they were sent like that because some boxes from the same shipment had a different type of batteries without QR code that had zero swollen...
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    QR code decode for 310ah - please

    Hi please help me find the format of this QR code that supposed to be from CATL grade A 310Ah LiFePo4. thank you
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    AliExpress fake 420ah cells

    Hi Please take care when buying from AliExpress. what do you think about 420ah in 5.1 kg ?! New space technology from China scammers ? fraudulent use of CE approval too…
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    Device to use for capacity tests of 310ah cells ?

    What so you use to do a capacity test 310ah cells and have good measurements ? anyone tried with load test of 250Watts ?
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    How dangerous are swollen LiFePo4 cells received from AliExpress ?

    How dangerous are swollen LiFePo4 cells received from AliExpress ? What do you think about the amount they are swollen? was shipped by PWOD seller : US $630.50 35% Off | PWOD 4-16PCS CATL 3.2V 310AH grade A lifepo4 battery RV 320AH battery pack RV and Solar Energy storage system EU US tax...
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    What is the required balancing current for JK Active BMS based on batery IR difference and bank total capacity ?

    Hi everyone, Can you please help me correctly compute the required current to balance packs of 16s 4p or more in parallel 4 x 301ah per cell ? I believe it is a link between : - difference in internal impedance between cells (each 0,01 mOhms difference for a 310ah pack ...) - total pack...
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    Internal Resistance 280ah cells important questions

    Hi, I received batteries from different China factories to EU and it seems that they vary a lot. Checked them at 28C environmental temperature. one factory that have 6000 cycles has 0.20 mOhms internal resistance of each cell (very well balanced +/- 0.01 mOhms) at 3.29V. another factory with...
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    Infinite parallel 16sXp good or bad ?

    I have this battery setup that I use with 2 series of 200ah and 2 series of 280ah and allows me to add there any new number of 16s . It is good or bad ? advantage is that I can add at any time under power any number of new 16s packs . I also noticed that cells are more probably to get better...
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    How can I do a load test on Lifepo4 310ah of 250 watts

    Can anyone help with a suggestion? All batteries have voltage but many can not even sustain 250Watts load test ? ( around 0.2C of 310ah battery) good battery load voltage : Bad battery rated at grade A but seller lie : How can I do a load test like that without having the DC Load Test equipment?
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    swollen Grade A received after 95 days from Aliexpress

    Hi, I have installed solar panels and ordered this type of batteries from the image below, from PWOD seller : . I waited 95 days from the moment of payment, but received bad quality. , a number of 144 grade a batteries. But instead I...