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    AiLi Battery Shunt

    My AiLi battery shunt works great, until, I turn on my inverter. When I switch on my inverter, the shunt will measure the power usage, however, it deletes the battery power % and Amp hrs information. Has anyone else had this issue? More importantly is there a fix? Thanks
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    AiLi shunt question

    I have a 12v system. when programming the device, do I simply set the volts in the AiLi shunt to 12v? I have a SOK lithium 206 Ah battery (another on its way). Thanks
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    Programming SOK 206AH lithium battery with MT50

    As anyone successfully input the SOK parameters into the epever 40 amp solar charge controller (using the MT50)? I received the instructions from SOK, and several changes give a "param error" message. These are what I received: How to set on EPEVER Solar Charge Controller Select the “User”...
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    Grounding my van electrical.

    The electrical components of my system are run to positive and negative bus bars. Question: Can I ground the whole system by running a grounding wire from my negative bus bar to a chassis ground? If I do this, do I need to still run separate grounding wires from my solar charge controller...
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    Fuse between power converter and battery?

    I have a 45amp lithium power converter. I had read somewhere that the wire from this power converter to the batteries does not require a fuse, because the line is already protected by fuse fuse on the 120v side. However, I have looked at some schematics that show a fuse. Thanks.
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    Fuse sizing (again)

    I have a question that has probably been asked many times. I am using a 206ah battery, 3000 watt inverter in my van electrical build. I am using positive and negative bus bars. From the bus bars to the different devices in the system I have fuses, appropriate to the load of this devices. I...
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    DC-DC Charger/battery charger connected direct to battery

    I was planning to wire my renogy 20amp DC-DC charger directly to the house battery terminals, the same for my shore power battery charger. I have one 206AH lithium battery. However, I have found a couple of schematics online showing the DC-DC charger and battery charger connected to the...
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    Connect to Bus Bar of battery?

    As a beginner to van electronics, I assumed that I would have to connect my Vans DC-DC charger and the shore power charger direct to the house batteries. I will be using bus bars for all my positive and negative connections for the van's electronics. However, I am looking at a couple of wiring...
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    Do I need a fuse between solar panels and solar charge controller?

    Very new and getting information from Renogy stating I need a fuse between solar array and solar charge controller. If I have 3 panels 210 watts, wired in series. 9.3 amps a panel. Do I need a fuse between my panels and the solar charge controller (40amp)? My panels have a Max Over-current...
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    DV to DC charging question

    I hope this is a good spot to post this question. I am looking at using the renogy 40A DC-to-DC battery charger and I am getting some conflicting information on wire size. I have a run of approx 12 to 15ft from vehicle battery to the charger. According to my wire guide chart, I would need to use...
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    Solar Charge controller, how many amps?

    I want to install 600 watts of solar on my van. After performing a basic calculation of 600/12 = 50, it seems that I would need at a minimum a 50 amp charge controller. I am a little confused as I am looking at starter kits from Grape solar and Rich solar 3 X 200-watt panels with only 40 amp...