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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    As of yesterday, nothing has been "made right."
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    Yes, I did have to engage my credit card company. If you read my initial post, you will see that I only filed a dispute because I was being ignored. It was not until after I filed a dispute that a credit was supposedly issued. As of yesterday, that supposed credit had not been applied, and...
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    I am certainly glad that I elected to pay with a credit card.
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    According to my banking website, this is still pending. I will update when it has been resolved.
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    New Solar powered cold trailer with an integrated passive cooling(phase change material)

    How does the cost of the phase change material compare with the cost of battery? What is the life expectancy of the phase change material?
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    What is normal behavior for an inverter charger?

    I completely agree with your expectations. Anything else makes no sense.
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    New Solar powered cold trailer with an integrated passive cooling(phase change material)

    Where did you come up with "not compressor based" ? Phase change material to even things out sounds intriguing. Seems like it might even be applicable to residential refrigeration.
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    LF280K max DISCHARGE current from 0...25C

    Looks like an error to me. I find the entire table suspect.
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    Do I really need a DC-DC or can I go with a high power alternator?

    Many modern vehicles have a "smart alternator" that by design does not fully charge the battery. Instead it tries to keep the battery at a lowered state of charge so that when deceleration occurs, the alternator can ramp up and charge the battery, thereby taking advantage of the deceleration...
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    Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.

    Sadly I had to place a dispute on the charge made by @Michael B Caro for cells that I ordered. Anyone interested can read the story here:
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    How to buy cells

    Sadly, today I disputed charges made by @Michael B Caro for cells I ordered from him. For anyone interested in why I had to do this, the story can be seen here:
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    Sadly, today I disputed the charge of $1,285.92 made to @Michael B Caro for battery cells. The purpose of this post is to completely and accurately reflect my experience of trying to buy cells from forum member Michael B Caro, so that others might know what to expect. We have only interacted...
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    @Michael B Caro As you have become non-responsive, I have filed a dispute with the credit card...

    @Michael B Caro As you have become non-responsive, I have filed a dispute with the credit card company for $1,285.92 -- anyone reading this, buyer beware.
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    New System for Van Camper - 12V or 24V?

    No, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that the 12 volt "house" system would be drawn off the 24 volt "house" system via the 24-12 volt converter. Yes, the 12 volt vehicle system is "separate" from the 24/12 volt house system. This presents a problem when it comes to charging the 24 volt...
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    New System for Van Camper - 12V or 24V?

    This is your clue that the Zero Breeze is a weak system. This is a quote from the Zero Breeze website: "Traditional portable air conditioners are more than 800w, which requires too much electricity. MARK2 is only 240w." Ask yourself, what magic did they employ to gain so much cooling from so...
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    New System for Van Camper - 12V or 24V?

    Although I do not have direct experience with the Zero Breeze, I do have experience with Florida heat. The best you can expect from the Zero Breeze would be that it would keep your body cool when it is blowing directly on you. It will not work for cooling the van in such a demanding environment...
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    Water heating, in a vehicle

    A British thermal unit (Btu) is defined as the amount of heat necessary to change the temperature of 1 lb of water at sea level by 1°F. Using your 6 gallons let's assume a room temperature of 68 degrees F and a maximum water temperature of 200 degrees F. Six gallons of water weighs 50 pounds, so...
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    High charge current for LifePo4????

    You can connect a 12 volt inverter to you alternator, and use the output to power an AC charger.
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    Can someone explain this strange cell deviation at float?

    Have you checked your battery capacity? Is actual capacity affected by this anomoly. If not, perhaps it is much ado about nothing.
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    How closely do cells need capacity matched?

    I'm not sure I understand. Did you do a battery (not cell) capacity test (charge the battery, discharge it, and note how many amp hours you got out of it) when you first started using it? Did you then do another battery (not cell) capacity test after having used it for awhile? Was there a...
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    3.2volt 12v 1000ah build charging question

    I have had good luck with Magnum Inverter/chargers. Note: you need to get the remote to change and set charge parameters.
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    What are issues charging LiFePO4 with Magnum Mm1212?

    Custom battery settings means that you can set them to what you would like. So you should be able get the correct remote and set them appropriately. You should confirm this with Magnum before you buy the remote.
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    What are issues charging LiFePO4 with Magnum Mm1212?

    Are you saying that the charger has one setting and one setting only? Normally a Magnum's charging profile can be changed, provided you have the remote. Is there a constant current / constant voltage option available for charging? Can you attach or link to the manual?
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    60a DC-DC Charger only pulling about 40a

    It seems like the voltage drop might only be relevant in the section of cable that connects the house battery to the B2B charger. If there is voltage drop in the section that runs from the starter battery to the B2B, that should not be an issue unless the voltage falls below the minimum input...
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    NIPPLE slip

    Welding seems like a bad idea to me (but I will readily admit I know little about battery terminal technology). The reason it seems like a bad idea is because it looks to me like the entire surface area of the blown top is meant to be in close contact with the battery cap. If you weld it...
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    60a DC-DC Charger only pulling about 40a

    Echoing @Posplayr if your batteries are lead acid, run them down to 50% state of charge and then see what your charger puts out. If it puts out 60 amps and then tapers off rather quickly (the smaller the battery, the quicker it will taper) then your charger is operating normally. You are simply...
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    How to maintain the Start batteries while inactive?

    Once fully charged, it takes very little current to keep the battery charged (assuming no parasitic drains). A single small solar panel is all you would need. Here is a link to one of unknown quality...
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    DC to DC charger size questions

    Normally the amperage rating on a common vehicle alternator tells you the maximum that the alternator is capable of putting out. This is different from a "maximum continuous output" rating. But like I said earlier, even if you have a maximum continuous rating, that will be dependent upon a...
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    DC to DC charger size questions

    And for extra bonus points be aware that alternators are normally not designed to put out full power continuously. If your system puts your alternator under full load for extended periods of time, I would not expect the alternator to hold up.
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    One or two holes for wires on van roof?

    If you use two holes, you can get a properly sized rubber grommet for each hole. Grommets are sized according to three dimensions: 1. The diameter of the drilled hole 2. The diameter of the cable (matches the diameter of the hole in the grommet) 3. The thickness of the material into which the...
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    DC to DC charger size questions

    The vehicle manufacturer is the only solid source I know of. But there may be no definitive answer, because conditions such as ambient temperature and vehicle draw can vary.
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    Battery advice and ideas wanted

    Your local offgrid electrician has demonstrated that he is an unreliable source of information. You cannot trust what he says. With regards to your questions about compatibility of your existing equipment, the best source for answers would be the manufacturers of that equipment.
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    Cable size/fusing

    @100 Proof is right. Read the manual for your inverter. Often a "Class T" fuse will be specified. I think I may have been mistaken about the vise crimper. I have used one for hose fittings but I cannot find any such animal for electrical cables. Like I said, I take my fat wires to a local...
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    Cable size/fusing

    No, there are other crimpers available that are made to be put in a vice, although I am having trouble finding one now, and I am not certain how large of cable they can handle. Search this forum for "crimper."
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    Cable size/fusing

    I have one in my toolchest. I used it twice. Did not like the results, and don't plan on ever using it again unless it was some sort of emergency. If you are going to do it yourself I would recommend either a hydraulic crimper or one that you put in a vice and squeeze. The objective of crimping...