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    Growatt SPF trips GFCI occasionally.

    I have a Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM and installed it in a RV. It's working great, aside from one little issue. Input GFCI trips occasionally. When I'm at home I plug in the RV with an adapter into an exterior 20A outlet (reduced the charging rate) which is protected by an GFCI outlet. After...
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    Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    Just found this one on Amazon: Rated Capacity (0.2C): 200Ah / 5120Wh Cycle life: 2000+ cycles at 80% discharge depth Rated voltage: 25.6V Charge voltage: 28.4V - 29.2V Depth of...
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    BMS instead of Fuse/Breaker

    This is danger zone - so here it goes: After watching a few Tesla Teardowns I realized - they don't have fuses anymore in most places. They call it virtual circuit breaker or e-fuse - a piece of software monitors the current and shuts down the power when it exceeds are certain threshold. Most...
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    Growatt 3000 24V + Amperetime System check and settings.

    Hello, I'm planning a RV system There are the settings from the Amperetime 24V battery - just want to make sure that I put them under the right spots in the Growatt: MENU SETTING in GROWATT #: 01=SOL (Solar First) 04=SEN 04 (Saving model enabled) I'm only running the A/C unit, Microwave...
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    Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM Physical Dimensions ?

    Hello Growatt users, every supplier I look at has different dimensions of the SPF 3000TL LVM listed. Everything from 23 inches x 17.3 inches x 9.2 inches to 17.9 x 17.8 x 5.1 Could some please shed light on this mystery and measure the width and depth of the Growatt? I'm working with a...
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    RV All-in One Diagram ready for critique

    This came out of the replies I got from my initial thread: Please take a look and let me know if I miss sized wires or fuses before I go on a shopping spree :P
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    Amperetime / CHINS 12V 100AH enough to start RV Generator?

    Hello, my 2x 12V deepcycle batteries in my RV are just about to die. I got a 5500w Onan generator, which starts from those batteries. The Amperetime and CHINS 100AH have those ratings: Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 100A Maximum Continuous Discharging Current: 100A Maximum...
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    Autostart for Onan RV Generator - Growatt

    I got a Gasoline Onan 5500w Generator in my RV which I want to control with my Growatt NC NO contact. The Growatt switches when the battery voltages goes to low - and switches back when sufficient charged. Means I got a high signal while it's calling for charge. My Onan expects something...
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    Using RV-Solar System to power House?

    I'm currently researching to put on my Motorhome Further I'm interested in putting Solar on my house. Now on average I use the RV 60-90 days out of the year and when I'm not at home - I don't need lots of power. So would be a waste to have a nice system on the RV and only use it that little...
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    Looking for All-in-One Recommendation for Motorhome

    So I just got the proud new owner from a used 25ft Class A Motorhome. It has the standard RV-power Lead setup. 1 Chassis Battery 2 House batteries A completely oversized 5500w generator Currently the house batteries can charge from the Converter or the Engine. Requirements: We are using...
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    BMS for 6V Lead batteries system

    I got a 6V battery systems in my Golf Carts (at work) which served me fine for years. They have 6 batteries (36V) or 8 Batteries (48v) So I noticed that always the first battery in the string on one (sometimes positive, sometimes negative) side goes out of balance - even with equalizing...
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    One MPPT per Panel? What are the downsides - upsides DC / AC

    I'm just getting a bunch of quotes for my house Solar System. Most of them are Enphase Microinverters, which are AC coupled. Now my question, can you do this DC? I want to do build a DIY power-wall anyhow. Cost aside. I have a weird roof shape with shading, so one or two MPPTs for 8KW...
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    Please help improve my current Van system and Expansion to Solar A/C

    My Current Setup So this is my current Van-Setup. Working very nice for 4 years now. Yes I got redundant PSW charge controllers (Amazon send me two when I ordered one), my panels are angled different direction and I got the feeling that with one controller per panel it's harvesting more. The...