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    EVE 230Ah Batteries

    Does anyone have any info on the EVE LF230 batteries? Basen is telling me the LF280s are sold out, price will be going up, and are recommending the LF230s. I can't find any info (or a datasheet) on them anywhere. Thanks.
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    WANTED: EVE 280Ah Busbars

    I'm looking for 16 of the busbars that came with the Shenzhen Basen EVE 280Ah batteries. Has anyone ordered these and decided not to use the hardware that came with them? I'm in the US. Thanks.
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    EVE 280Ah LiFePO4 Review (Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology)

    After seeing numerous people talking about EVE 280Ah prismatic batteries, I decided to order a few and start exploring LiFePO4 more. Details of the purchase are below, along with my review and testing of the batteries. I am most interested in why 2 of the 4 sound like plastic. I'm hoping someone...
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    EVE 280Ah LiFePO4 Plastic Case?

    I received some 280Ah LiFePO4 batteries and was told they are EVE-brand. The QR code does not match the format in the LF280N datasheet. Additionally, the case seems to be plastic. Does anyone recognize this format QR code by a chance? Or ever hear of EVE 280Ah with a plastic shell? When I try...
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    Installed Hoffman Combiner Box on 3s5p Array

    Here's the video :)
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    SPIM08HP Pouch Cells vs Diesel Truck (Fun Test)

    I keep seeing people talking about the SPIM08HP Pouch Cells from Battery Hookup and bought some several months ago when they were discounted. I tested them starting a 1.8L car and a 5.9L diesel truck. They did not disappoint! This test was purely for fun to see how many amps they could push and...