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    Updated Battery setup.

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my updated setup that replaced the Bolt batteries from Battery Hookup. This is using their new module Lifepo4 Modules. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    17S BMS for LiFePO4?

    I can't seem to find a good solution to this problem, so perhaps it does not exist. For my application it would be helpful to find a good 17S BMS as my control a MPP LV5048 can charge up to 58.4V which is the max ideal voltage anyway for each cell. To keep long life and max out the battery...
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    New Bolt EV Batteries and no BMS, one year observations.

    About one year ago I purchase and set up about 13.5kWh useable Bolt EV batteries that where new from batteryhookup. For this year I have operated without a BMS. I actually have two batteries technically in parallel a 14S2P setup. My new Chevy Bolt EV battery modules(for my home power system)...
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    LV5048 Solar Charging Confusion

    Hi, I have a LV5048 and it has been working great for almost a year now, however I only recently got solar panels. The panels are running typically run around 80V I have a 2S5P setup for this for a total of 4kw or 400w a panel. This is on solar input #2, nothing is on solar input #1. Let me...