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    NEWBIE here! Please help!

    A short look ( at the Storedge shows a 48V battery voltage - therefore I think a 16S configuration would be appropiate. I'm not sure what requirements the Storedge has regarding communication with the...
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    New Daly "Smart" BMS w/ Communication. (80-250A)

    @Antonius Hi, great work! Would you be so kind to disclose how your requests are looking like, those 13 Bytes! I have problems getting an answer out of the BMS (always only 0x00). I think I'm having a problem with calculating the checksum. Could/would you please share this info? THX! An...
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    New Daly "Smart" BMS w/ Communication. (80-250A)

    Thank you for your replies. I suppose that they use the USB-RS485 cable provided by Daly and my approach/intention was to connect directly to the BMS by using the 3 Pins (TX, RX and GND on the Px connector) - but for some reason the Daly-BMS refuses to talk to me. My hope is that somebody out...
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    New Daly "Smart" BMS w/ Communication. (80-250A)

    Hi, did anyone managed to connect to the Daly BMS over RS-485 (PX connector) and read the data, not from a PC but form, f.e, an Arduino or similar? THX!! I have built my own AC coupled battery with an ESP32 as a controller and I would need to read out the SOC to know if charging is required or not.
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    Daly smart bms touchscreen

    @Mgmuzza it would be highly appreciated if you could write a short "how-to". THX!
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    OffGrid Home - 30kW too much?

    if you are interested in hydrogen then have a look at "HPS System – picea" it's a germany based company, but spoiler alert: it is more then your 50k for a system which would cover your needs