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    Energy Budget worksheet

    It seems to be a common question for people in planning a system to ask about sizing battery or solar. And the answer is that they need to work out their usage, which doesn't usually help them. I am sharing here an energy budget spreadsheet used by the Pacific Cup during race preparation. I used...
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    300Ah build for a sailboat.

    I am working on a 300Ah battery for my sailboat. This is replacing 230Ah of FLA. I am using an Overkill solar BMS, Renogy 60 DCDC Charger, and Victron 100/30 MPPT. Primary charging will be via solar, and only running the engine after a couple days of clouds. Solar worked with the smaller FLA...
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    BMS that meets ABYC recommendations, and is reasonably priced.

    I am looking for a BMS that meets ABYC recommendations. In particular, it needs to be able to trigger an alarm before it cuts off. The REC Active BMS does it, but holy ^&* it costs $1000 for the whole BMS system. Is there anything like an Overkill BMS that has a way to trigger a light or alarm...
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    What's the deal with the 277/280 Ah cells?

    New member, and reading a lot about the 277/280Ah cells from several mfgrs and suppliers. They seem too good to be true. I have a space 15l" x 13"w x 10"h to fill for a 12V bank. I can fill it with 12 100Ah Winston cells, or 8 280Ah cells. The 280Ah cells would provide nearly twice the...
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    Hello, just an introduction. I am researching and preparing to convert my boat from FLA to Lifepo4. Currently I have 430W of solar, Victron MPPT controller, and 230Ah@12V of FLA. The battery space is approx 15x13x10 which is an odd space. It looks like the 280Ah batteries that have been part of...