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    HIgh voltage alarm - victron products

    Hi! I have 2 solar panels 2x230W, serial connected (2x24 v). Connected to a Victron MPPT SmartSolar 100/20. The MPPT feeds an 8 cell LifePo4 battery (24 volts). The LifePo4 battery is controlled by a Daly BMS 8S On the Battery negative side, I have a Victron SmartShunt installed. There is...
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    Daly BMS - how to handle it correctly

    Hi all! I'm setting up a 24 v system and I use a Daly 8S 24V 80A bms. I finished top balancing yesterday and am currently waiting for a Victron shunt 500A to arrive. Short description of my setup from Battery minus side: "Battery minus" to "battery on/off switch" to "Victron Shunt" to "BMS B-"...