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    grid tie relationship in stand alone

    If you ask online about "grid tie in stand alone system" the assumption by search engines is that you want to use a grid tie inverter without a grid (cheat) Which is not what I want to get info on. In a stand alone, panels, battery, inverter, running a house system but no grid going past the...
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    another renogy issue

    The 5000 watt inverter charger that is incorrectly labelled as 3500w model. I saw that on the website and can understand how that might happen. So ordered one. Its the later model to the one Will tested a while ago. Better screen and case earthing. As an inverter it seems to work fine but fails...
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    SunNrg batteries

    Hi, new here but wanting to put out a bit of a warning about these batteries. Bought 2 200ah 48v lifpo4 to replace aging leads in home system. Got them home and failed straight away with one where led didnt show (simple switch on / off volts display). Pulled top off and cell block had moved...