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    High Voltage Tape on Busbars
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    You could have bought another high frequency inverter. One for the Midea and one for everything else.
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    Is a heat sink needed in solar evacuated tube system? might know
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    I'm the person who suggested the $15 solution. Thanks for the results posting. Too bad you can't quantify how much it improved your situation. Throw another $15 or maybe a 3 phase reactor at your problem...
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    Chest freezer to fridge conversion setpoints?

    If you set the temperatures like DThames suggested, how long are the on and off cycles? I'm am doing the same thing with a Craigslist 15 cu ft chest freezer. Inkbird temp controller. Contactor. (Don't buy a used freezer, refrigerator off Craigslist. There will be problems.)
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    Battery temperature-soil temperature

    Aug. 16th, 2021 the average day temp at the below location was 81.8F. Probably a few stations closer to your conditions, location. Water volume will be displaced by battery. < 15 gal. Heat will be...
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    Maybe one of these will fix the problem.
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    Parallel 1/0 awg or 0 awg to max the amperage

    1/0 everywhere NEC requirement is 1/0 minimum can be paralleled. It doesn't matter if it is a feeder or a branch circuit, hence everywhere.
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    If you can get a cap to PF correct at a particular range of wattage without serious repercussions, I believe I know how to PF correct over the entire range of wattage.
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    Midea spikes time based. Every 32(?)minutes. Interesting. Midea AC taking an average of watts used over the last 30 minutes and then deciding if it needs to ramp up the compressor for a couple of minutes?
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo? It's the first non inverter AC on that list. It's right after the Inverter LGs with a 'V'(variable) in the model name. The high power factor but relatively lower efficiency of that non inverter AC, seems to be...
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    I believe the spike is caused when the AC needs to speed up in order to get enough lubricating oil to circulate after the compressor has been running at a lower speed(< 300? watts) for a while. With summer coming to an end, those spikes should become more frequent. The spikes with mine only...
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    I wish somebody with an oscilloscope would try that capacitor idea. Doing that might cause some bad harmonics. If there aren't any problems, I have an idea that can possibly greatly improve the power factor of inverter ACs.
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    650 watts is the highest I've seen. The lowest is around 570 watts when it isn't working very hard. Just a guess, average around 630-640 watts. I first used the LG and then the Midea to cool my 1450 sq. ft. FL house, all grid powered. ACs annual energy usage can be compared here...
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    "I don't suppose you have PF numbers for the LG inverter window AC units?" I've got a feeling they are all about the same. I also have a LG-lw8019er window AC. It has a power factor of 0.99. Also, its compressor doesn't start until a couple of minutes after the fan motors start.
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    Midea Window AC and Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM-ES...A Bad Combo?

    The Mideas have terrible power factors that range from .50 with just the fans on, up to .74 when working hard as they can. It would be great if somebody who owns both a Midea and an oscilloscope, checked out how Mideas effect the sine wave. If Mideas are placed on the two different phases...
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    Proposed System....what do you think?,-97.7344,3/2021.09.09/00:08/1/3 change location, date, time
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    Running Power Cable through outside walls

    One size of a watertight cable connector. Could cram multiple wires through it and seal with whatever...
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    PSA report: I'm Steering Clear of Giandel volts, static pressure, size, etc.
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    Mpp and lock rotor amps

    Can something like these, wired in series...
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    Please advise my 3S2P2S over-panel plan

    Does it make sense to have one panel wiring configuration for summer/shoulder months and another for winter? Ex. 3s2p or 2s3p winter. Do people buy specific panels and quantities based on their preferred charge controller and/or latitude?
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    Grounding pv panels, safety disconnect switch and dc surgeprotector

    Might not have anything to do with solar but the NEC requires disconnects to be within 50' and within sight of whatever you are working on.
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    Calculating AIC for fuse selection.

    In AC circuits AIC is determined by impedance of the transformer, length of each individual wire, cross sectional area of wire, type of wire AL or CU(K factor of around 12 for CU and 17 for AL), and whether wires are inside a magnetic conduit or not. Each wire has to be calculated separately...
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    electrical help please

    Story possibly related: 1986 I was wiring a house. People moving into it in a couple of days. I begin to hot check the electrical by plugging an extension cord into the house next door. In the new house I tied A and B phases together and connected the neutral to the female end of the extension...
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    Solving the climate control crises
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    Solving the climate control crises

    Midea now has a two hoser, inverter technology, with compressor heat. It is re-branded as a Toshiba, which is white and about $100 cheaper. Single tube portables make a low pressure inside the house...
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    electrical help please

    If the grey lines are denoting neutrals, they shouldn't be tied together(paralleled) anywhere in the images, beginning with the one above the word main in the upper left panel. The neutral buses shouldn't be bonded to the panels. Grounds, under normal conditions, shouldn't carry any current...
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    Passive energy storage

    I looked at chillers. Commonly used in bars for beer taps. None seemed to be very efficient especially for the price and none used inverter technology. Somebody needs to make a inverter technology reverse cycle chiller.
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    Dump all excess PV to air heater?

    Do a search for 'keel coolers'. They have been used decades.
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    Passive energy storage

    55 gallon plastic drums filled with water. $10 each around here. IBC totes, cage won't fit through the doors. Build interior walls in house thick/deep enough to load with 2 liter pop bottles filled with water. Phase change sheetrock is probably too expensive Somebody needs to take a wall...
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    Powering a mini split

    Flexible line sets With a max length of 6,' this brings up a question. Mini split kits are sold with 25' or 15' line sets, implying that the refrigerant optimum quantity is for 20' line sets. What happens when only a 6' line set is used? Overcharged system? Edit: At least one manufacturer...
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    CT clamps question

    Doing it the way I described, both panels function exactly as they do now. They are both fed exactly the same. All branch circuits function exactly the same. If the panel covers remained screwed on, there would be nothing indicating anything had changed. If the covers were off, branch circuit...
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    CT clamps question

    If wires can be run between the two panels you could do something like this: Determine which panel has the greater usage during daylight hours. Install the two CTs at this panel. From the other panel, loop the circuits that constantly have most current draws through the CTs. Use proper...
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    CT clamps question

    Are the two panels side by side? Is there a way, such as a conduit, to run wires between the two panels?
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    House air conditioning on stand alone power

    Electrical service in first video wouldn't pass inspection here because of service running too close/over roof. Normally electrical contractor would get in touch with electrical utility before house is wired to determine which side of house service will be. Second video: Not a solution, but...