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    Bluesun panels

    I am interested in getting a pallet of the bluesun 370 watt all black panels . Does anyone have experience with bluesun panels ? Thanks
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    Turn on and off inverter with third party device

    Hi , does anyone know of an inverter that can turn on and off its output through an api ? Thanks
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    Connecting panels on East and west of home

    Hi , I have 4 panels on the East and 4 panels on the west of my home . I would like to connect them and run them into one of the mppt inputs of the inverter . All panels have a ts4-a-0 optimizer . Should I 1) connect them all in series ? 2 connect the two groups of 4 in parallel ? 3 connect...
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    Lvx 6048 using a ultracapacitor instead of batteries

    I have been doing some experimenting with the lvx 6048 trying to use a 6 farad ultracapacitor in place of the battery to cover inrush . For some reason the lvx will not attempt to charge the capacitor. Is this because it is completely discharged to begin with ? The other experiment that was...