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    Daly 4s Smart BMS wildly fluctuating cell voltages while charging

    Good. I always solder them I hate relying on just crimping them. Specially since mine will be in a RV bouncing down the road
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    Daly 4s Smart BMS wildly fluctuating cell voltages while charging

    They will all start out at the top of the power curve. You may get some fluctuations at the lower end but that is ok. As most people don't run down to less then 10% of charge remaining.
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    Daly 4s Smart BMS wildly fluctuating cell voltages while charging

    Did you top balance your batteries? That will take care of this issue. Connect all 4 cells in parallel then charge to 3.65v. I leave mine sit overnight after they reach 3.65 then top them off one more time. The reconnect in series you should be good to go.
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    Batteries for sale

    Yes I bought the same modem pack. Best I can do is $0.50 per cell plus shipping. That's what I paid for mine. And I'll still need to test all of yours before I can use them.
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    Batteries for sale

    I would be interested if you could ship them to Ohio. Have you capacity tested them? And how much?
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    Battery bank for trolling motor 24v 8s or 2x4s ??

    I would think an 8s pack with one 8s bms. Then use a 24v to 12v converter. For your 12volt side. Or if you have room put in a 12v battery for the 12v stuff and not take the power away from your motor battery.
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    What to do with 29.6v batteries (8s Lithium Ion)

    With lithium ion you could only charge them to 4v per cell or 32v per pack. It will extend their life. Just run their cycle 22 to 32volts or 2.7 to 4.0 volts per cell
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    Help with battery design - 18650 - 14S16P

    Are you using any kind of cell holders like these? Baimeixun 20pcs 4x5 Cell Spacer 18650 Battery Plastic Holder Bracket
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    Cheap battery box for 18650 batteries.

    So I tinker around with different projects and needed a battery box for 18650 batteries in a 7p4s ( could also make 4p7s ) configuration. I found I could make this pack with bms and it fit perfectly in a plastic recipe box. Hope this helps someone out. Index Card Holder 3 x 5 inch - Recipe...
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    Help with battery design - 18650 - 14S16P

    Here is a calculator to make your battery packs easier. Especially if you use recycled batteries.
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    Help with battery design - 18650 - 14S16P

    Just remember it is important that your pack capacity should be equal. So if 1 pack is 10ah they all should be 10ah. You also want each individual battery to be close in capacity. So adding on to an existing battery pack may not be a good idea. I would try to calculate your needs and build a...
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    Did I get the wrong stuff?

    Most cpaps are dc voltage so all yo need is a 12vdc adapter. Like this. KFD Car Charger DC Adapter for Resmed S10 Series,ResMed Airsense 10 S10 AirCurve 10 Series CPAP and BiPAP Machine,90W Resmed S10 370001 37297 Rockpals 300W/500W Vehicle Power Supply Cord Cable Charger...
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    New from Ohio

    I was looking for this the other day. I built a 7s120p battery using the old one you mentioned, and now it doesn't work. Thanks for rebuilding this calculator as I build battery packs for my other creations like the Bluetooth speaker in my avatar.
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    MPP Solar not showing SP1 SP2

    Did you install the parallel kit to make them split phase compatable?
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    What do you think the market for Lead-acid battery replaced by Li-iron battery

    The only issue with that is the weight of the LA batteries is used as the counter balance for the lift capacity of the forklift. So you would also have to add weight to the lift to offset the weight loss of going to lifepo4.
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    Bench power supply fail - do I really need to top balance?

    Assemble battery and charge. After charged connect cells back in parallel let the set overnight. This will let them all balance to the same voltage. And they should be on the same point of the curve then.
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    fuse repair

    I had this same problem on a battery pack. I pulled the plastic cover off. Then clipped the spades down. Because of room constraints I soldered on a mini 40amp fuse. Worked as before when I was done.
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    Ignore - problem solved

    Wow, not going to tell us what fixed it?
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    Ignore - problem solved

    It looks like your temperature sensor went bad it is showing -40C. Go into the settings and turn off that sensor by changing the 1 to a 0. Then you should be good to go. You'll have to order a new thermistor to get this function back.
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    24VDC battery storage in truck camper. Issue with high current 12vdc jacks

    What if you put a lawn mower battery on your 12v converter. Your converter should keep the battery charged. And the battery should take the amp draw of the jacks.
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    I wonder if ready battery packs pose risk of scam like single cells?

    I saw a picture on here somewhere with a tear down of a pre-built battery. It was supposed to be 200+ ah but had 4 -100ah sells with pieces of slate to add weight to make up the weight difference. For people who know nothing about lifepo4 batteries, they should stick with the battle born or...
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    206ah SOK battery only providing 11 volt after charging for days. Please help ! Need this battery to survive on the streets.

    It sounds to me like the BMS has turned off. You may need more charge current to turn it on again. You could connect it to your car via jumper cables to get more charge current. Then see what what voltage you get.
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    please recommend the course of action - Li-Ion 4.2v cells build

    You want to build a 7s lithium ion battery pack 29.4v. It is closer to lifepo4 voltage range. 28.8v you will get more usable capacity out of this voltage range. It will work better with inverters voltage range of operations. Which is usually 21v to 30v. I'm building a portable solar generator...
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    First LFP battery

    I would fully charge it. Remember the charge settings for lifepo4 battery is different from fla battery. So make sure you have the right charger.
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    Can someone explain this strange cell deviation at float?

    I would definitely top balance them. Then use them.
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    It's the Wild West - RV's w/Chinese Prebuilts

    I would never mount batteries out unprotected like that. I can just see a stick or road debris puncture them and let the fire 🔥 insue. Are those boxes even water proof?
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    Power loss indicator

    They sell these also.
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    How to wire a generator to an off-grid inverter that has relay contacts (NC, C, NO)

    Here goes my $0.02 The C = common so you would connect your hot wire or feed leg to it. NC = normally closed so this contact will be hot until relay coil is is powered. NO= normally open. Contact is open or off position until relay is powered and pulls contacts closed. Depending on how your...
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    10 gauge wire through roof

    You should use this type of junction box.
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    auxiliary 12v loads on a 24v system

    Spend the money on the 24v to 12v converter. Otherwise you will unbalance your man 24v battery. That's the right way. To do it and put 30 to 60amp converter in. There is a lot to run off of 12v.
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    150A Daly Smart BMS - Shutting off with incorrect readings

    I see a lot of people just crimp on eyelets on their sense leads. I always crimp and solder mine just for this reason. I never rely on just a crimp on this size wire.
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    DALY BMS battery cell readings

    It's just showing you your high (red) and low (blue) cells no big deal your cell voltage is close.
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    Capacity test.

    I doubt he is getting information from BMS. It's probably from his load tester. A link to the video would help..
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    24 volt Battery build. Looking for advice

    I think I would drill a hole in the bus bars and put a bolt in it for your jumpers. Because it doesn't look like your current studs are long enough.