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    Weco vs. Pylontech?

    Hi, I have three options in regards to lithium batteries, Everexceed, Pylontech and possibly Weco. I´m not very fond of Everexceed that has 5000 cycles at 80% DOD and no BMS. So how are your experiences with Pylontech and Weco? I get 3 years of warranty on the Pylontech, but I understand...
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    Design of solar system

    Hi I´m new to solar, but I do have a clue about it. I want to have some professionals to install the system, but here in Uruguay professional can mean anything, so I want to be on top of every detail of it. I´ve drawn up a system that I think will fit my purpose and would like to hear your...
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    What are your experience with Growatt and their service?

    I live in Uruguay and I think I can only buy Chinese inverters here, so far it seems like Growatt is the better option here and they do provide 10 years warranty (I hope). Reading about Growatt here on the forum wasn´t very encouraging, especially regarding service, so would like to hear some...
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    Hi, I´m new to solar, don´t yet have a system, but have an ok idea about what I need

    Hi, We are going solar, not for the economy of it, but for power stability and disaster preparedness. We live in Uruguay and we have a lot of power outages and power surges where I live. I have fairly good idea what I need, but would love to have some critical feedback. Best regards, Frederik