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    DIY Solar panel cooling water heater no power or fuel wasted!

    So I see all kinds of videos about diy pool heaters that are just a coil of tubing put inside a frame (usually topped with glass) that is either lined with reflectix or painted black to absorb heat. After pumping water through it they seem to get a decent amount of heat fairly quickly. My...
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    Idea for shutting off inverter when fridge is not running.

    I was thinking about a way to shut down the inverter when your fridge doesn’t need it and save yourself the sometimes astronomical parasitic loss of the inverter running for no reason. My idea is this: Use two starter solenoids (like the ones used on old Ford trucks), running parallel between...
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    One large inverter or dedicated smaller inverter for a dorm fridge? Or just go all in one?

    Would it be better to have a smaller dedicated inverter to run a dorm style fridge and a second one that's larger for running other things? I suppose it depends on what the draw is on the specific inverter but I was thinking about just getting a Giandel 4000w inverter and just running everything...
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    USB C charging (60watts) without an inverter

    So I see all these "solar generators" with these high power usb c ports that you can use without turning on the inverter. I'm curious how they pull this off? Does anyone have any idea how to do this? Is it possible to make a plug like this and connect it to the battery bank without having to use...