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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    Sadly, today I disputed the charge of $1,285.92 made to @Michael B Caro for battery cells. The purpose of this post is to completely and accurately reflect my experience of trying to buy cells from forum member Michael B Caro, so that others might know what to expect. We have only interacted...
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    Please help me to figure out my DALY bms

    I received my 300 amp Daly bms yesterday and have a few questions. I know these are dumb questions, but I have never done this before and the "instructions" are so appalling that just don't want to make a stupid mistake. I am building a 24 volt (8s) battery. As you can see in the picture...
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    Please Help Me Choose a BMS

    I am about to pull the trigger on 8 X 280 AH cells to make a 24 volt battery. I will be connecting this battery to a Magnum MS4024-PAE which has a continuous power output rating of 4000 WA. I would not expect to run the inverter at maximum very often, if ever. So I guess 150 amp BMS would be the...
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    How to buy cells

    I have never bought anything off of Ebay or alibaba. I want to build a 24v LiFePO4 battery of approximately 5,000 to 7,500 watt hours. What is the best way of negotiating the maze of cells offered so that I make a smart purchase? This battery will perform two functions: power for an RV and...