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    Old inverters, new batteries

    As luck would have it, I just got gifted one of these inverters, and I happen to have an SOK 100AH battery. I found this link: where BattleBorn discusses using a different model of TrippLite...
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    Korea Herald claims LFP is more expensive longterm than Lithium-Ion

    In this article on The Korea Herald, the author claims that LFP have a higher overall cost than Lithium-Ion, suggesting that LFP return much less valuable metals when recycled. He also suggests that LFP are in fact dangerous, but that the reports of catastrophic failures have been covered up in...
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    Lithium Batteries for Alarm Panel

    So I was about to post this very question when this thread popped up. Aside from the lack of falling within the UL listing, I'm not sure why it wouldnt work. I'm looking at replacing a 14ah 12v agm that costs $90 with a 20ah LiFePo 12v that costs $80. The BMS will keep it from undervolting and...
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    New Type CALB L160F100 Cells

    Those are the ones I bought recently, look for the thread our-new-go-to-lifepo4-vendor, I posted the spec sheet, mine are the L160F100B cells.
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    Inverter powered by 240V/50A but sometimes 120V/30A

    There's a Schneider that can take both 120 and 240 in, and put out both. Ive been looking at that instead of stacking, it is about the same cost as stacking two growatts though, Conext SW 4048 4000W Inverter/Charger, 120/240VAC, Model: RNW8654048
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    They were just under $50 each.
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    Hi! This is my first post, and I've only been following this crowd for a few months. But I do want to share my (positive) experience with Docan Technologies. I live in Texas, and as you may have heard our electric grid is made by cowboys of barbed wire. So it goes down a bit :) The January...