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    Charger amps to series connected batteries

    Charger would see the two batteries as one since you're connecting the charger to the positive of one and the negative of the other. It would output 60A to the entire pack.
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    Sanity Check ~13kw System Build, Storage Requirements, Growatt 12kw?

    The LV6548 stays on backorder. If that's the route you go, be sure to leave yourself 45-60 days lead time provided the supply chain doesn't deteriorate any further.
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    Battery Remote Shutdown

    Best I can put together I need to have a remote shutdown for my battery bank located by my main service and PV array entry to the home. I'm looking at adding a Midnite Solar MNEDC250RT to each bank. Does anyone know if 1 MNBDM module can control all 4 by parallel wiring the output or would I...
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    System Review

    @FilterGuy , gas isn't an option for me as I'm doing all this with the aim of self sufficiency. I haven't looked at the whole home monitors. This started as hurricane prep with extended power outage in mind and keeping a deep freezer and fridge running and has spiraled out from there. First...
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    System Review

    You are correct sir, I need a lot more battery. Starting with one bank while I monitor and move loads and will scale up later. Trying to shed load first so I don't have to buy more batteries/panels than I need. My dream would be to shed enough load that I could drop 2 of the LV6548s but I don't...
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    System Review

    Thanks for the reply @FilterGuy , I drew the panels out wrong. They will be in series. I've been looking at this too long and my brain fizzled out on that one. Also, I have to admit I got lazy on the 150A breaker and didn't do the math myself, I just used what Will used in his setup. I've spent...
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    System Review

    I've spent a bunch of time reading and planning and the attached is what I've come up with. It would be great if y'all might look over my sketch and let me know if I'm missing anything critical. I'm a little fuzzy on PV disconnects. Are they only required if the inverters are on the panels? If I...