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    Water heater timer for Marathon?

    We have a 50 gallon Marathon electric water heater. I’m curious if a timer that prevents it heating water over night is a good idea. They’re so efficient I wonder if it even comes on at night enough to justify a timer. The main reason I’m asking is we plan to someday go solar and I’m looking to...
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    Soft start needed for new heat pump?

    Hello. In our new home we have a 20 SEER heat pump. It has a variable Speed compressor that operates from 30-100% depending on the need. Would I benefit from adding a soft start system to this unit? I ask because i would like to reduce energy usage before adding solar. I’ve done a lot...
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    Ground ballast array along front of deck

    Hello everyone. New guy here. I just finished building my “forever home” and am in the beginning stages of planning for solar. Due to reasons I won’t go into, it wasn’t an option when we built. Some history, 1600 sq ft Nudura ICF house, 20 SEER air heat pump, all LED, R48 attic insulation...