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    What happend to the prices of lifepo4

    prices seemed to drop 50% the last month. Oke i have a close eye on several materials like gold iron copper ltium ect.. But 50% price drope for a kwh storage...what is going techie techie technology? perhaps? With best regards Igor
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    For Dutchies only....

    Local pick up or i can drive a couple of km...(0.19 cent a km) I would like to buy some 280ah cells. Free Shipping 16pcs One Pack Grade A Brand New Lifepo4 3.2v 280ah Storage Batteries - Buy Storage Batteries,Lifepo4 3.2v 280ah,Lifepo4 Battery 280ah 3.2v Product on 3*16 for my own...
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    I think i got my system( if this is the right thread!!)

    If it is not on the right section of this forum pleas let me know or move it right away(not (re)move) After 2 years of studying and experimenting i think i found MY golden match....I think, that is. I would really appreciate your opinion, thoughts, ideas and comments!!!! and every thing else...
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    codes on lifepo4 cells

    In various threads i read upon the qr stickers codes numbers ect and what they could mean. I think to decipher those codes on the cells is possible, probably simple mathematics-------> i said *probably*!!! If we take into account that there are a b c grade cells and add storage time, witch mean...