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    Victron recommended settings for LFP 10-90% SoC

    I've got about 2 months of usage on my DIY 280Ah LiFePO4 battery. After a 5 week trip, I decided the Renogy Rover Elite 40A wasn't sufficiently configurable, as I found myself regularly adjusting the absorption voltage in order to either speed up charging when I'd been in the shade a few days...
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    LFP Cell Density (CATL-focused)

    I've seen a few posts about cell Ah ratings from various vendors, and whether they were true or if the vendors were stretching the truth. I wanted to share what I've found over the last couple months, in the hopes it might be useful to someone. The specs below are specific to CATL but I assume...
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    CATL 271Ah (867Wh) 3.2V 6LH3L8 Cell Specs

    [Note: If someone out there has the same CATL 271Ah batteries and has either the actual manufacturer spec sheet or has their own real-world voltage tables for this model of cells, please let me know and I can make updates to anything in this post] I recently purchased some 280Ah cells from the...
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    Solar charge controller recommendations for LiFePO4

    Hi folks, New-ish guy here. I've been doing SLA and solar on my trailer for year, but I've been reading a lot of the forum posts for the last couple months and started posting recently. I finished building my LiFePO4 battery bank over the weekend, and in an effort to (over)optimize my setup I...