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    Compression, Balancing, Reconfigure the pack

    I've been reading around on the forum about compressing LiFePo4 batteries but my question isn't about how to compress the batteries specifically. When you're top balancing the cells (all in parallel, 3.65v) and the charge is complete, one would want to disassemble the compression, rearrange...
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    AC/DC Charger CV/CC

    I'm looking for a 1000W CC/CV charger and I was wondering what everyone is using for 13v LiFePo4 charging. (1S2P 4S2P) The price on the below looks great. I would add a voltage and current meter to it.
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    AliExpress/AliBaba vendor options

    I've been sifting through some threads to help pick a vendor for my next battery purchase and I thought I would compile some of the information I found here. I'm located in Canada so the vendor selection is a bit limited as some have shipping prices that are higher than the actual battery price...